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Asher comes limping down the stairs as Sean knocks on the door. Sean was supposedly in the neighbourhood. He notices Archer has scrubs on -- is he going to work? Archer asks why he is really here.

Archer confronts Asher. How could she tell Sean? Sean now wants to offer a kidney and Archer doesn't think he has thought things through. He yells at Asher. A nurse interrupts. Time to go to trauma 3.

Archer and Asher have to work together with a woman who has a rare stem cell disease and her daughter faints.

Liliana invites Charles to have dinner with her -- and her brother.

Zac asks Charles to help with a Deaf patient who has asked for a psychiatrist.

Charles asks if Aiden has been Deaf since birth. Aiden had meningitis when he was nine and lost his hearing. The voices he hears are gentle and tell him things like go to Navy Pier and enjoy the day. The accident happened because he didn't see a motorbike as he was crossing the street. Aiden is excited about the voices because he can HEAR them. Charles wants to order neurological tests. Sandy says yes but Charles needs Aiden's permission.

Asher tells Kira that she's pregnant. Kira doesn't want her to tell her mom. However she does agree to an ultrasound. Asher says they need an MRI because the fetus and placenta don't appear to be attached to the inside of the uterus as they should be.

Archer tells Kira's mother that Kira is awake. Kira's mother is sure Kira is on drugs. Meanwhile the mother has pneumonia but all she cares about is finding out what's going on with her daughter.

Asher says Kira has to give her consent to share info. Archer gets on her case about how she's respecting confidentiality now when Kira is a minor and has no right to it.

At a meeting, other residents feel a need to bully Tanaka-Reid over his previous gastrointestinal issues.

George and Sharon talk to a board member who will give the deciding vote about the hospital's status. He has a headache and gets dizzy.

Aiden's scans have no sign of a stroke etc. So Charles thinks we are looking at schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. He says there are a lot of options but they have to talk to Aiden.

Aiden doesn't understand why it is a bad thing to hear voices. Charles explains the voices may change and become unpleasant. He says medication has helps lots of patients. There is no guarantee the voices wil go away -- but they will be tamped down. Aiden wants to start medication right away.

Will examines Vernon.

Maggie comes in dressed up. She explains she had to get her driver's license renewed today.

Vernon starts having a seizure.

Abrams tells Vernon's wife that Vernon has a brain tumor. There are many risks but Will says Abrams is the best. Meanwhile, George tells Sharon that Jack won't put off the vote. Meanwhile, Will says that Vernon's wife has opted for radio wave treatment rather than surgery. He's shocked to hear that the vote is going ahead.

A gunshot victim comes in, shot during a bank robbery. Tanaka-Reid seems very hesitant and gets upset when  blood sprays on him. Marcel asks him what's up with the rookie mistake. Tanaka-Reid says he's off his game. Marcel sends him to change and clean up.

Asher tells Kira she has an ectopic pregnancy. It's a rare type -- an abdominal pregnancy. Asher says for Kira's safety they need to remove the fetus, but she is not viable. Kira says her mom needs the baby to be a donor. That's why she got pregnant.

Will asks Grace to look at whether 2.0 can help Abrams operate after all.

Aiden flips out and starts pointing at Charles and ranting silently. He is too agitated for his sister to read his sign language. He has to be restrained.

Archer bothers Asher and insists Kira's idea is disgusting and that her mother can't want this. Asher informs him that Kira does not want her mother to do know and has medical emancipation.

Marcel tells Brendan he needs emergency surgery to not lose his leg and he needs to just sign the consent forms.  Breandan asks if he will be able to coach soccer next year. Tanaka-Reid starts explaining how it's near a nerve blah blah but Marcel interrupts to say it's a walk in the park. Marcel tells Tanaka-Reid to stop giving the patient stress and also stop letting the other residents get to him. Tanaka-Reid thinks he should sit this one out. Marcel says he needs him.

Will tells Sharon and George that Vernon is in surgery. George will try to delay the vote til Vernon wakes up.

Charles asks Maggie about the signs Aiden made. She says they meant "you took voices away." Charles wonders if Sandy has been giving him proper itnerpretations of the signs Aiden has made..

Maggie comes in the orom while Sandy says that Aiden says he was angry that the nurse said his shoulder pain would hurt. Maggie tells Charles that Aiden is upset that he can't hear the voices anymore and that he thought he was being given painkillers.

Meanwhile Kira is in a lot of pain and is losing blood and her BP is dropping. Archer sees and takes it upon himself to tell her mother.

The mother tells Asher to save Kira rather than the fetus. Asher is pissed. What about HIPAA? Archer gives her BS about Kimberly needing to make a decision in an  emergency.

Sandy asks about the prescription. Charles cancelled it. Sandy realizes she's been caught because Maggie knows ASL. Sandy confronts Aiden and says she lied to save him and won't stand by and watch if he resfuses to do anyhting about the voices.

Marcel is in the middle of surgery and is called to OR 2.0 in an emergency. He tells Tanaka-Reid to take over, which Tanaka-Reid does not want to do.It's a ruse so he can watch Tanaka-Reid in action.

Charles talks to Sandy. He doesn't think she's a horrible person. He gets she wants to fix this immediately. She admits she's had her own issues with mental illness -- depression, especially after their parents died in a car accident when Aiden was in high school. Maybe he was more resilient because he had already had his own tragedy. Anyway meds saved her life and she can't watch Aiden go through what she did. Charles asks if she ever told Aiden this. She doesn't want to burden him. Charles says she'll be surprised. Aiden's disease can be managed and she will be able to rely on him.

Will tells Jack that Vernon will be out of surgery soon. Jack is surprised that Phyllis changed her mind.  Abramas comes out and Jack bothers him about when Vernon will wake up. Jack is annoyed that Grace can't tell him anything.  Will tells her about the vote and Grace accuses him of acting like a cowboy.

Vernon is recovering. Jack comes along and says it's fine if Vernon sits out. Vernon asks to videoconference.

Brendan's surgery is a success and he will be able to play soccer. Marcel congratulates Tanaka-Reid who says he saw no record of Marcel being in OR 2.0. He's appreciative even though he knows Marcel is lying.

Kira is okay but they couldn't save the fetus. Kira is upset. Her mom says they will find a donor.

Asher tells Archer Kimberly is lucky to have a daughter who is willing to make such a generous act of love.

Aiden and Sandy appear to be working it out. Maggie says looks like they are making up.

Archer goes to the parking lot to talk to Sean. He says you realize what this means? Sean knows the risks. Archer says he doesn't have to do this. Sean needs to. Archer won't say no if he's a match.

Charles has dinner with Liliana and her brother. Pavo says Charles doesn't need a maid as he has her. Liliana is annoyed. No one but Pavo wants to drink. Pavo says Charles is an important man with an important job. Charles doesn't know about that. Pavo wants to know if he dealt with crazy people today. Daniel can't tell him and doesn't like that word. Pavo says he can't speak English well and keeps bothering Daniel. Daniel goes to do the dishes and Pavo says something in Polish that Liiana claims is asking for more vodka.

Maggie wants to talk to Sharon right before the meeting. She tells her she lied -- she was meeting with a headhunter about possibly finding another job but she regrets it and feels guilty. But all this chatter about going for-profit makes her feel like she has a bad feeling. Sharon says they are working on a course correction. Maggie is glad as she doesn't want to leave Med.

The meeting ends. Jack got the votes and they are a for-profit hospital. Vernon was so impressed with 2.0 he decided to support Jack.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

Sandy [as she signs in ASL]: I'm Sandy and this is my brother Aiden.
Dr. Charles: Nice to meet you. How can I help?
Sandy: That. That's what's going on. Aiden's hearing voices.

Sean: You're in scrubs. You going to work?
Archer: It's Wednesday. What's the real reason you're here?