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Ethan decides to give Veroni advice about her chess game. Sharon calls him aside. She wants him to hire someone ASAP to assist him. She has a list of people out of work when a rural hospital went bankrupt. Ethan recognizes a name on the list as an old friend of his. Sharon wants the position filled by the end of the week.

Anna needs Charles to sign her D+ test. She doesn't want to show her mom because her mom would be too strict. She says with the pregnancy scare and the potential of moving... anyway she has to go. Charles says they will have closure after the hearing today.

Nat tells Owen just one more video before they take her mom to the airport. She finds her mom passed out on the floor in the bedroom. Owen starts calling her about his video while Nat calls 911. Owen comes in when he's told not to and sees.

Auggie's other family is here. His brother gives him a goodbye present. In the hall the other family wants Auggie. Maggie says NO. The father agrees she's right. They should be grateful the boys got a chance to meet.

Will comes down the hall. He heard about Nat's mom. Nat says they think her mom had a heart attack and Marcel is working on her. She tells Will how Owen saw. Will hugs her. Just then Marcel comes out and sees it. Marcel says the heart isn't pumping properly. Marcel has done everything Will has suggested and thinks he has it covered. He wants to get Nat something to eat. Nat thanks Will and leaves with Marcel.

Ben wishes the other parents safe travels. He and Maggie talk, or rather fight, as Maggie thinks Ben wants to give Auggie to the other parents so that he doesn't have to take care of a child.

Ethan hires his old buddy who is eager to get started right away.

A woman with a baby comes in to the ED. She tripped holding her baby. Baby is unresponsive. But when they open the blanket, there's a doll in it, not a real baby. The woman insists her baby needs help.

Sharon comes to see a very depressed Dr. Charles. She says there's a situation in the ED and Charles hasn't responded to his pages. She asks what's wrong. The judge has ruled that Susan can take his daughter to Arizona. Sharon is sorry but she is sure Charles can still be part of Anna's life. She will get someone else to see the patient. Charles says work will take his mind off this.

Dean is impressed that they have an OR in the ED. April says that Ethan makes his bed every morning because of Dean. After some awkward conversation, April sets up a room. Dean makes a statement to Ethan about how nice it is that the nurses here don't have to do both bugs and pus.

Charles thinks the woman has some sort of delusional condition where she thinks an inanimate object is alive. They need to run tests and Charles suggests going along with the delusion for now. Husband is a truck driver so Maggie will try to call him.

Nat's mother doesn't understand. She's never had heart trouble before. They're going to start with meds but Marcel thinks she needs an LVAD device. Nat's mom remembers Uncle Joe had this device. Will it fix her heart? Marcel says most patients don't fully recover. Will interrupts with flowers for Carol. Marcel seems irritated as he steps back. Carol is thrilled to see Will. Owen talks about him all the time. Nat suggests her mom needs to rest. Will apologizes to Marcel in the hall and assumes Carol doesn't know about Marcel and Nat. He's glad Nat has support. He wants Nat to be happy.

Dean shadows while Ethan sees a patient with pancreatitis. Dean interrupts to finish the explanation of what's wrong with him.

No evidence of stroke or other brain damage. But there is a fracture pattern in the patient's brain. She might have fallen a year ago.

Nat tells Carol that her surgery has been scheduled. Carol goes on and on about how great Will is. Nat tries to tell her they moved on and she saw someone new: Dr. Marcel. Carol said OMG I put my foot in my mouth. Carol tells her not to introduce him to Owen and let Owen get too attached. Carol wants what's best for her, especially now that she doesn't know how much longer she's got. Nat says she will be happy and Carol will be fine.

Ethan has got tests back too. His guy has a pancreatic abscess. Dean disagrees with Ethan's treatment plan. He wants to drain the abscess himself.  Ethan agrees.

Will finds Nat crying. The chances of a heart transplant are so slim so Carol probably only has two years. Will says you might have more time than you think. Carol is an ideal candidate for his clinical trial. Nat says but it's experimental. And what if she doesn't get the drug? It might b. Nat te too late after a few months. Will says if you want time, the trial is the best option. Nat thinks Will should present it to her mom.

Anna does not want to leave Chicago. She does not want to leave Charles.  They are interrupted by Maggie and Anna hangs up.

Maggie has found the woman's ex. The accident happened a year ago. He couldn't let them do surgery on a tiny baby. Sarah died and when his wife woke up she was so angry it destroyed the marriage. He knew the doll was a bad idea. Charles thinks the doll has become his wife's attempt to rewrite the past and make Sarah alive again. He has an idea but they need her ex's help.

Ethan's patient is crashing. Dean thinks taking him to surgery is not a good idea. He says he will walk Ethan through a procedure that is minimally invasive.

Marcel confronts Will. He cancelled the LVAD surgery? He thinks Will is trying to get to Nat. He's angry Will didn't clear this with him. Will won't apologize for having history with Nat and Carol. He walks off.

Ethan and Dean begin the procedure. It's bloody. Dean purposely makes April see pus when she hates it.

Blake talks to his wife and tells her it was an accident. Charles tells her that Sarah's fall caused a serious injury and honestly, it is unlikely she will survive the operation. Blake leaves it up to his wife what to do. She doesn't want Sarah to suffer. She decides against the surgery. Can they be with her when she dies? She cries and Blake hugs her.

Auggie is talking about Keishon. He asks Maggie does he really have to go back tonight? Maggie is sorry. Maybe Auggie can visit him in California soon. Auggie seems unhappy with that.

Nat is sorry she didn't tell Marcel. He tells her that he's worried that Carol's affection for Will is clouding her judgment, and maybe Nat's. Nat says she would never let her feelings cloud her judgment. She wants her mom to recover. Marcel says she has to see this as a gamble. He just wants her to be prepared for all the outcomes.

Ethan and April disagree about whether Dean made the right call. Does Dean know he's not Ethan's superior anymore?

Sarah and her husband grieve over the doll. Maggie is watching. Sharon asks her what's going on. Maggie says she's saying goodbye to her baby. She can't stand this and goes.

Maggie goes to the stairwell. Sharon meets her there. Maggie tells her how the Carters want Auggie. She can't lose another child. Sharon says another? Maggie has never told anyone except Ben that when she was 16 she got pregnant so she put the baby up for adoption and after she was born she held her and the nurse took her away. Her friends all thought she'd make a great mom and she couldn't tell anyone. She didn't think she deserved to be a mother and then Auggie came into her life. She felt like it was a second chance. But he was so happy with his brother. What does she do? Sharon tells her what she did for her baby was love and whatever decision she makes will come from that place.

Charles tries to talk to Susan who thinks Charles is the good cop and she's the bad cop. Charles says it's not that simple. Susan is super defensive and accuses him of playing head games. He tells her that Anna was pregnant and didn't want her mother to know. Susan calls him a manipulative SOB.

Dean says so you're checking my work? Ethan tells Dean that in this ED he's in charge, not Dean. Dean says he was just trying to make a good impression. He understands he needs to follow.

Maggie tells Ben she couldn't hear what Ben was saying before. Auggie needs to be with his brother. But she was having trouble getting past her own stuff. She thinks about her baby all the time. Ben hugs her. They have to tell Auggie.

Marcel has done the surgery on Carol. Nat wants to stay with Carol. Marcel offers to stay with her. She accepts.

Anna shows up at Charles' office and says she wants him to talk to her mom. Susan tells him that her way of parenting isn't working. Charles says the distance won't last forever. Susan doesn't know how to connect to her. She thinks Anna should stay with Charles. Charles asks if she's sure. Susan wants to reassess at the end of the school year. She goes.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Auggie: No way! Swamp Tales? Can we play it right now?
Ben: Come on. It's your last day together. You really want to spend it playing video games?
Auggie and Keishon: Yeah!
Ben: All right. Have fun.

Anna: Dad? Dad!
Charles: Aren't you going to be late for your pod?
Anna: We're waiting outside. Anyway, can you just sign this chemistry test for me? Anywhere is fine.
Charles: Whoa. a D?
Anna: Plus?

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