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  • Voight is on trial testifying in the case against a drug dealer connected to Chapman's case.
  • He's testifying against Arturo Morales who executed a state witness.
  • Voight notices that one of the jury members seems overtly emotional when Chapman gives her final argument.
  • Voight talks to Hailey about how fearful the juror looked and that he had defensive wounds. He suspects that Morales got to the kid, and he wants them to check it out.
  • Christopher, an engineer, is a juror and he urges Hailey to check kon him since he can't.
  • Hailey notices that there is broken glass and sees blood in the garbage. Hailey tells Voight about it, and he goes with her to investigate.
  • Christopher freaks out when they show and tells them that they can'tbe there.
  • He says that they kidnapped his wife and if he doesn't vote Not Guilty they'll kill her.
  • Voight says that they're not calling it in because they're shut the trial down and kill Christopher's wife.
  • He hooks the others into this case and investigating it off the books.
  • Torres met Edgar Ochoa who is the new leader with Morlaes in prison, so he goes undercover again since his cover is still in tact.
  • Torres sneaks into the back office to place a bug and pretends to take a bump when he's caught.
  • The kidnapper comes in needing help and Ochoa sends him away and closes down the bar.
  • Hailey and Kevin follow the kidnapper. They're not sure if Julia is in there and still have to navigate things differently because it's not official. Voight hears yelling and then gunfire.
  • The abductor was shot and dies without telling Voight anything. Atwater catches the other guy
  • The other guy says that Lopez showed up saying he needed help for Julia who was injured
  • Chapman drops in to talk to Voight and wonders if everything was connected to the case. She also asks if he notices anything about the jury.
  • Voight lies to her
  • Christopher gets a text about his wife and she's injured.
  • Voight orders them to bring in Ochoa.
  • They snatch up Ochoa and toss him in the cage.
  • Ochoa holds strong and calls their bluff.
  • Chapman shows up to call Voight out on lying to her and demands to know what's going on and he tries to uphold the lie.
  • They get a lead on a stash house that could either house Julia or be leverage to get where her location is.
  • They find drugs and a sick person in the house, Ochoa's brother
  • They parade Felipe in front of Ochoa to get him to talk.
  • Ochoa wants his deal in writing in order to talk
  • Voight goes in dark at the location where Julia is supposedly held while the others try to get there
  • Voight takes down two guys as he rusn to Julia suffering massive head trauma and unresponsive.
  • Voight manages to tell Christopher that they found his wife and that she's in the ICU with a brain bleed.
  • Christopher chooses to stay so he can vote and send Morales away for good.
  • Morales is found guilty
  • Voight tells Chapman the truth after the verdict.
  • Chapman is still upset with Voight for what he did, lying to her and doing whatever to get results.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 16 Quotes

Voight: You tell me right now who Julia Egan is; you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
Ochoa: Who's Julia?

They took my wife. I have to vote Not Guilty, or they're going to kill her.