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Burgess is in the diner and a guy tells her her full order and how much it is and that she is there at the same time every day. Burgess is annoyed and leaves.

While on patrol, Burgess and Roman notice a guy wielding a gun. When they go to investigate, they find themselves in trouble as there is a man who has shot people. Roman is forced inside, while Burgess goes in another entrance.

Burgess realizes the man is hurt and tries to talk him round, he doesn't listen, but he needs medical attention. When his goons appear, one of them wants to save him, while the other is annoyed because his name has been spoken.

One of them goes to the store to get supplies for Burgess to start saving him.

Once saved, O'Ryan kills the other two guys.

Burgess and Roman try to escape, but O'Ryan is hot on their trail.

Burgess attacks him and then stabs him in the neck, killing him.

Ruzek knows something isn't right and speaks to Voight who agrees to take the whole team to their last known location in order to find them.

When another goon appears, the shutter opens and the team come in. He is arrested.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

My partners been shot. We're leaving.


Ruzek: Sergeant, have you seen Burgess?
Platt: In the past, yes. In the present, no.