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Burgess asks Lindsay for advice on Roman. 

Burgess gets a call and she and Lindsay answer. They pursue a suspect and find a woman covered in blood. 

The woman, Ruby, says she was kidnapped. Lindsay and Voight question her at the hospital. She describes her kidnapper. 

Platt is taking a week off to prepare for her wedding, leaving Roman in charge of the desk. 

Ruzek and Atwater check out a house for sale for their suspect. They find the room where Ruby was held.

The results of the rape kit show that Ruby is pregnant. 

Atwater and Olinsky arrest their suspect while Lindsay and Halstead search his house and talk to his wife. 

Ruzek discovers that Stommer's wife is another victim who went missing seven years ago.

Dr. Charles comes to talk to Jamie, who doesn't remember who she was before. 

Burgess helps Roman with inventory and they realize a car is missing. 

The prosecutor arrives and tells them they have to let Stommer go due to lack of evidence. 

Another girl is missing. Lindsay gets through to Jamie and gets her to help them. They find the girl, but she is dead. Stommer is arrested again.

Roman asks Voight about the car and he gives him the keys. 

Roman asks Ruzek about a missing laptop and Ruzek gets defensive, calling Roman out for his interest in Burgess. 

Burgess kisses Roman. 





Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

As of eleven minutes ago I am on furlough for one week preparing for the wedding my father always dreamed he'd drop the ball on.


You want me to be the one to tell you that you should not date your partner?