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Intelligence responds to a scene with multiple gunshot wound victims. The location is a battered women's shelter. 

Lindsay questions a witness and gets a vague description of the shooter. 

There are three missing witnesses who ran when the shots began. 

Roman and Burgess question a robbery victim, Kent Kosar, who was using a dating app. 

One of the women who fled comes to the station to give a statement. She helps them figure out the target was Valerie Holt.

Dawson gets a lead from a CI. 

Burgess and Roman want to get on the dating app and try to lure out the robber. 

Lindsay and Halstead question a shooting victim at the hospital. 

They find Valerie at a cemetery where her son is buried. She gives them a name, Martin Ainge. Voight and Dawson question him.

Roman and Burgess find the man who is catfishing and robbing men and arrest him.  

Lindsay gets a positive ID from Valerie. The guys head to his house and are shot at. 

The prosecutor doesn't think there is enough evidence to move on Ainge. 

Voight tells Ainge he has twenty-four hours to leave the city or he'll be back. 

Lindsay gets Valerie to visit Jess in the hospital.

Roman goes to the theater with Burgess. 

Halstead asks Lindsay about her time in the shelter. 


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Voight: Al, you like him for it?
Olinsky: Once a wife beater, always a wife beater.

Burgess: We want to try something. Go on the app, put in a profile similar to Kosar's. Catfish the catfisher.
Platt: Is that a Dr. Seuss book?