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Ray Price is shot in broad daylight during one of his rally's. 

Intelligence launches their investigation by trying to figure out who has it out for Price. 

Price's daughter reveals that a man has been coming around their house and following some heated exchanges, threatening to kill her father. 

Once Price is out of surgery, Voight asks him about the man, but Price says it's just a dude he convinced to buy a building in an area that was supposed to up and coming. 

Intelligence triangulates the sniper's location before the shooting and they realize he wasn't following Price, he was following Voight. 

When the next victim is a lawyer that worked on the case, they realize the sniper is getting revenge by targeting employees in the criminal justice system. 

Some shell casings leads Intelligence to the owner of the gun who happens to be friends with the shooter, Darius.

Voight recognizes Darius as a teen who helped them put away a bunch of bad guys in exchange for a 6-month juvie stint. 

Burgess looks up his file and realizes that though his sentence was supposed to be brief, upon his six-month completion he was moved to the state prison and locked up for ten years. 

Admittedly, he has a lot to be angry about. 

Voight visits Darius' mother hoping to get some answers but she blames Voight and his co-workers for doing this to her son. 

She explains that he wanted to join the army but his dreams were shattered by the arrest and when he got out, he couldn't fulfill them because he was labeled a 'felon.'

They destroyed him. 

Voight promises to make it up to them and heads out to a training facility where Darius is holding a few hostages in exchange for his old officer, Willard. 

Voight convinces Kelton and his team to stand down for five minutes while he talks to Darius.

Darius is understandably wary of Voight and doesn't trust him when he says he'll get him out of there. 

Voight tries to encourage Darius to stay away from the window so he doesn't get sniped and tells him that they can still come back from this. 

Darius releases the hostages and eventually, pulls the trigger. 

Voight is heartbroken that he couldn't save Darius and repair the damage. 

He arrives at Darius' mother's place later to give her some money for the funeral but she turns him away. 

Meanwhile, Burgess and Blair are getting closer and closer. He even spent the night at her apartment. 

Will his relationship with Kelton become a problem?

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Burgess: You taste like grease.
Blair: Taste of Chicago.

I've known Price for a very long time. We were rivals. We butted heads. But at the end of the day, we respected each other. He was true blue Chicago.