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The episode kicks off with Burgess asking Ruzek to grab a bite but he already has plans. 

His plans including drowning his sorrows and hooking up with the bartender, Sheri. 

He steps outside to get some fresh air and witnesses a woman getting kidnapped.

Despite drinking that night, he jumps into action and grabs a car from some strangers to go after the vehicle with the woman. He runs down a flock of pedestrians and crashes the car. 

Voight arrives on the scene and questions if Ruzek was in the right state of mind.

Ruzek assures him he saw a kidnapping, and Intelligence jumps into action to find the missing woman, who they identify as Charlotte, the daughter of Wade, a furniture store owner and “the richest man in Chicago.”

Initially, there's no obvious reason as to why someone would kidnap Charlotte since she was a good kid who volunteered at different charities, but Voight realized Wade wasn’t being honest when he informed him of his daughter’s kidnapping. 

Usually, parents try to call their missing child to prove it isn’t true, but Wade didn’t.

Wade confesses that the kidnappers contacted him asking for $2 million to be paid in ransom. 

Voight tells Wade that he has to be transparent from now on, and Wade agrees.

Intelligence tracks down Charlotte’s location via the video Wade received. She’s no longer being kept at the same warehouse, but they do find two men shot and killed inside. 

One of the men was the guy Ruzek saw kidnapping Charlotte and the other is a private security detail that has worked for Wade for years. 

Voight realizes Wade wasn't being upfront with them. He brings Wade in and forces him to tell the truth. Wade reveals the kidnapper is Gary, the father of a man named Dylan who used to work for him. He said Dylan was troubled and that the father and son duo were trying to shake him down with fake blackmail. 

Voight refuses to believe anything Wade says since he’s lied to him so many times. 

They try to locate Dylan and learn that his father, Gary, filed a missing person’s report a few weeks ago. 

He believes Wade was the last person to see his son and thinks he hurt him because the two were in a romantic relationship. 

Wade denies the allegations, though, there’s pictures supporting the theory in which Wade and Dylan are very affectionate. It’s the last time Dylan was seen alive.

Rojas and Atwater talk to the detective on Dylan’s missing person’s case, but the detective pretty much confirms they didn’t spend too much time looking into it because Dylan had a history of drug abuse and mental health trouble while Wade was a rich and successful businessman. 

Intelligence makes their way down to Dylan’s house where they find the car used in the kidnapping. 

Gary begins shooting at police and threatens to kill Charlotte if he doesn’t get what he wants. 

Voight tells him they can work on the $2 million ransom, but Gary informs him that Wade lied -- he doesn’t want money, he wants the truth about his son. 

Voight brings Wade to the scene and threatens him if he won't tell the truth about what happened to Dylan. 

Wade refuses to acknowledge that they had a relationship and keeps repeating he doesn’t know where Dylan is even when Gary has a gun pointed at Charlotte’s head. 

Wade would rather keep his secret then save his daughter, which infuriates Voight. 

Halstead tries to take a shot and mildly injures Gary. 

The team rushes in and Ruzek talks his way into the room and coaxes Gary to calm down a bit. 

Gary begins telling him about the day of his birthday when Dylan didn’t make it for dinner. 

Through Gary’s account of what happened, Burgess and Rojas find surveillance footage indicating that Dylan was in Wade’s Range Rover and slumped over. 

They arrive at his mansion and ask his wife, Laura, to show them the car. 

Laura is upset that they aren’t looking for her daughter, so Burgess tells her that her husband was the reason Charlotte got kidnapped because he was having an affair with a young man. 

Laura is in disbelief but leads them to the car where they find blood in the car. 

Burgess asks Laura to go through what happened the Saturday that Dylan went missing and to recall anything odd. 

Laura then informs her that when she came back from lunch with Charlotte, she saw Wade coming from the woods and he was covered in mud.

Dogs begin sniffing through the woods and pinpoint a spot where cops dig up Dylan’s body. 

At this point, Gary is already losing consciousness but has refused medical treatment. 

Ruzek successfully gets Charlotte to safety and shows a dying Gary that he was right about Wade murdering his son.

Right before Wade is arrested, Voight criticizes him for not being able to own up to who he is. 

His daughter walks by him in disgust as Ruzek takes her to get treated. 

After the hectic day, Ruzek asks Burgess if she wants to get some dinner. 

Burgess informs him that it isn’t necessary since she thinks he’s trying to make it up to her after she found out he was sleeping with the bartender. 

Ruzek admits that he has been trying to take his mind off of reality by doing something “fun” but it has only made him sadder. 

He assures her that grabbing dinner together would put a smile on his face, and she agrees. The two head out together. 

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Halstead: Sarge, you know what doesn't add up?
Voight: Huh?
Halstead: We've been searching nonstop, and I think we're pretty good at what we do. How the hell did this guy beat us here?

Platt: If she comes back.
Halstead: What are you talking about?
Platt: The feds have a really sneaky way of holding on to good people. They make them wear nice suits, and they pay them really well.
Halstead: Well, Hailey doesn't like nice suits.
Platt: Uh-huh, I'm sure she doesn't. You miss her, don't you?
Halstead: Yeah, she's my partner.
Platt: Of course.