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  • Ruzek's poker night is interrupted when he has to go to a store to get a new stuffed animal for Makayla. Once there he happens across an armed robbery.
  • He chases the suspects down while calling it in, and he gets reprimanded by a another superior for not following the no chase directive in place.
  • Trudy informs him he has to meet with IAD.
  • An old family friend of his, Sal Ortiz, has been working on the case of these robbers and he teams up with Intelligence on it.
  • They enter a scene together when they track down a few of the suspects and get in a shootout, but Sal disappears while Ruzek is facing some heat and shows up after the fact.
  • Ruzek shoots and kills one of the suspects after the shootout.
  • They find jewelry and money at the scene of the crime.
  • They got another robbery in progress and roll up to a shootout.
  • Their suspect shoots another person because of the no chase directive. Ruzek gets upset when he learns that the man died.
  • They sit on Lambert's sister's house when they find footage of him taking the things he stole there. They get a warrant and search it, but no one is there. Kim finds the backpack in the ceiling of the basement, but the bag is empty. They were sitting on the house, so it's suspect that everything disappeared seemingly under their noses.
  • Burgess is suspect of Ortiz. She shows Ruzek footage of Sal doubling back and likely taking the watches. Ruzek doesn't believe him.
  • Burgess points out that Sal is buried in debt and has a sick wife. Ruzek refuses to believe any of it and doesn't want to take it to Voight. He gets a lead on where the Quinns are and wants to haul them in, but they don't have anything beyond circumstantial evidence yet.
  • Ruzek gets called in to IAD early and when he's explaining everything to them, he realizes that Ortiz lied to him about being caught in the assembly room, he just didn't show up when he knew Ruzek was under fire.
  • Ruzek is cleared and he apologizes to Burgess for doubting her. He also tells Voight about Ortiz.
  • They catch Sal in the act, talk him down, and then he gets arrested.
  • Ruzek drinks away his sorrows and Kim comes to get him to take him home and tells him he won't be like Sal.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't care about how desperate, how broke he is, he's not a thief. He's a cop.


Atwater: Sarge, nobody is here, and there's no sign of Lambert's bag.
Voight: Rip that place apart.