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  • Atwater buys a spot in Burnside he wants to open up.
  • He's still seeing Celeste and hasn't told her about who he really is.
  • A family is dead because of some bad dope, and Voight wants to put some pressure down because he wants the dealer off the street after all the bodies dropping.
  • Kim has been reaching out to her lawyer about Mckayla.
  • Atwater puts some pressure on his informant
  • Burzek pull Jimmy and arrest him and he's betrayed by Atwater.
  • Atwater presses him to get a deal by turning over Tovar.
  • Jimmy begrudgingly agrees.
  • Burgess asks Atwater when they'll meet his mystery woman.
  • Jimmy takes Kevin to meet Tovar.
  • They't at a underground fight with Jimmy's brother Nando fighting.
  • Kevin loses eyes on Jimmy who disappears during the fight
  • Atwater almost gets made in Tovar's office.
  • Jimmy slips out the backdoor and when Hailey goes to get him, but he carjacked a woman and ran her over.
  • Voight calls Anna for help finding Jimmy
  • Celeste is blowing up Atwater's phone while he's on the case, and he goes to meet her in the middle of the investigation.
  • Kevin meets up with a muralist for his building. While there with Celeste, he sees the car that Jimmy stole riding past him.
  • Anna shares that Jimmy has a bounty on his head from stealing 75K from Tovar. That's why he's fleeing.
  • They get a lead and follow it, bust down and investigate and find all of TOvar's men dead Kevin finds Nando, Jimmy's brother with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He dies.
  • Kevin tells Kim about Celeste and what happened.
  • Jimmy calls Kevin wondering if Nando is dead.
  • Kevin follows a lead and finds Jimmy holding Tovar at gunpoint.
  • Kevin tries to talk Jimmy down, but Jimmy thinks he's lying to him. Jimmy kills Tovar anyway.
  • Kim tells Kevin he has to tell Celest the truth.
  • Kevin tells Voight the truth about waht happened.
  • Kevin tells Celeste the truth and she kicks him out.


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

All you shiny white folks? No, ma'am.


Kim: When are we going to meet that mystery lady, Kev?
Kevin: Huh? Soon, real soon.