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  • Trudy and Halstead look at the new recruits. They've relaxed the standards so the recruits are dicey.
  • They put Torres with Halstead to check out Intelligence but they don't know anything about him because he never realized much in class and doesn't talk at all.
  • Halstead nd Torres get called to a robbery. The offender is a banger who shot people and fled. Torres doesn't listen to Halstead but catches he killer.
  • They have to look into the guns getting soldon the streets.
  • Halstead noticesthat Torres is getting calls. He also noticed that he was tatted up. Torres says that he has some parking tickets to take care of it and leaves, but Jay finds out later it wasn't urgent.
  • They find out that the guns disappeared at the storage facility and they think Torres tipped them off.
  • The brass tells Voight that they suspected that Torres may be one of the people they're looking into as a leak or a person they worked with in the gang.
  • Halstead reaches out to Anna for information on Torres.
  • Halstead and Torres follow a lead and chae down a suspect.
  • Anna has news that Torres almost killed someone when he was a kid.
  • Halstead stakes Torres out and finds out he live somewhere else. He confronts Torres about it.
  • Torres reveals more information about himself. Jay benches him but then has to send him undercover.
  • Torres is made as someone's stepson during the bust and it becomes a shootout where Torres kills the perp.
  • He talks to Halstead and tells him the truth about his background and why he wanted to be a cop.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

You said we can't make any promises we can't keep, but we can protect him on the inside, right?


Trudy: He's either going to be a great cop...
Recruiter: Or we're hiring up a psycho.