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Upon returning from Tennessee, Clarice goes straight to interview reporter Rebecca Clark-Sherman, who is staying at a trauma center. Krendler recanted Clarice's statement to the press about the River Murders. Clarice bolts from her therapy session to go the interrogation of Karl Wellig, the suspect in those murders. Attorney General Martin is speaking to a skeptical House subcommittee about ViCAP. Krendler brings Clarice into the interrogation room with him. Wellig claims to be a handyman who got scared when the Feds burst in. He denies killing anybody. Martin calls Krendler to warn him that if she goes, ViCAP goes. She wants evidence that Wellig is a serial murderer. Martin arrives home to Catherine working out to heavy metal and Precious barking. Krendler accepts Clarice's input about Wellig having a strict moral code. He and Esquival use that in an attempt to force a confession from him. Wellig's lawyer shows up even though Wellig had waived counsel. Wellig determines Krendler is bluffing about DNA evidence and refuses a deal. Ardelia reports that Wellig's DNA wasn't in the bite marks on the first three victims. Clarice sends in Esquivel to bond with Wellig. The man claiming to be Wellig's lawyer runs when Tripathi probes him. Wellig appears spooked by his "lawyer." From Esquivel's conversation, Clarice learned that Wellig thinks the FBI is corrupt. Ardelia is perplexed by the bite marks. Wellig used a dental teaching model for the bite marks, to make it seem like the work of a serial killer. Clarice throws a coffee cup and then convinces Krendler to let her interrogate Wellig. She offers witness protection to Wellig if he flips on who hired him. Wellig is poisoned by the root beer he was supplied by a fake cop. Clarice hurries to protect Rebecca. But Rebecca is gone. Clarice fires her therapist.

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Therapist: I want you to consider that, given everything that you've been through, maybe your perceptions aren't as solid as you think.
Clarice: I know what's real and what's not, sir.

Clarice: Is there doctor-patient privilege here or does all this go straight to my boss?
Therapist: Agent Krendler and I had a conversation ...
Clarice: That almost cost me my job.
Therapist: Clarice, you're here to keep your job, and I'm the one who can help you, if you let me.