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Desna and Jenn catch up to Bryce and Dr. Ken, and convince Bryce that he didn't kill Roller. Bryce still feels he has to help Uncle Daddy until Roller's killer is caught. Chip's new partner Arlene connects with Quiet Ann. Desna gets a call that Dean is up defacing a billboard advertising their nasty former foster-parents the Coombs. Desna talks him down by mentioning Virginia: Uncle Daddy questions Desna and Virginia about their fight on the day Roller died. Virginia tells them Roller was having trouble with his drug dealers. Virginia finds Polly at her apartment. Polly tells her she's lying and threatens to cut her if she gets Desna in trouble. Dean's trainer Monty tells him to confront those who have hurt him. It doesn't go well for Desna and him. Dean tells Desna afterward that the Coombs had sexually abused him. Desna is awakened by gunfire, as Dean is target shooting out back. Desna tells Virginia that she wants to frame the Coombs for Roller's murder. Virginia suggests using Polly to plant evidence on the Coombs. Polly has figured out what's going on and wants in. Polly plants the evidence right before the Coombs get home, then Desna phones in a tip to the police. Mandy tells Desna that the salon she wanted is back on the market. Uncle Daddy's crew breaks in and brutalizes the Coombs before Bryce kills them. Uncle Daddy called Desna to tell her that Bryce killed Roller's killers. It turns out that Roller is alive, and a romance-novel-inspired woman has kept him locked up this whole time.. 

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Claws Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The last man who put me on a diet got put on a diet from all of this.

Desna [indicating her curves to Mandy]

Waxing customer: I think you took my clitoris off.
Polly: Nope, it's still there.