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After being betrayed by Gregory and Zlata, a devastated Desna waits at the hospital for word about Bryce's condition. Roller admits to Desna that he knew about Gregory being head of the Haitian mob. Jenn blames Desna for Bryce's getting shot by Zlata. Desna wakes up Dean to go on a road trip. Zlata is pushing Gregory to move up his wedding to Desna and wants to go to the hospital to kill Uncle Daddy. An incensed Roller attacks Zlata. Desna takes Dean to find her beloved mentor, Miz Wallace. Polly and Quiet Ann go to watch Jenn's girls, leaving Virginia in charge of the salon. Desna had booked a kids' birthday party for that day. Miz Wallace's home is boarded up. Desna flashes back to when her mother came to take she and Dean away from Miz Wallace. Virginia recruits Toby and Scarlet to help her. Uncle Daddy prays for the comatose Bryce to survive. Polly recruits Hammer & Pickle customers at the park. A wired Dr. Ken shows up at Bryce's hospital room. Uncle Daddy refuses to heed Roller's warning and leave the hospital. Carina, Miz Wallace's daughter, tells Desna and Dean where to find her. Jenn mounts Bryce and sings to him and he comes out of his coma. Boris kills the wrong bald, fat man at the hospital. Uncle Daddy calls Chip about rolling on the Russians and the Haitians. Desna explains to Jenn what's been happening to her. Desna is going to keep pretending everything is the same. Chip flips on Uncle Daddy, and Zlata tells Chip to kill him. Desna overhears and warns Clay, then Clay kills Chip. Desna tells Uncle Daddy and Roller she's in command. Polly admits to being a madam to a wired Ken. Desna burns her wedding dress.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Zlata: So now all we have to do is go to the hospital and kill Uncle Fatty. If we don't do it right now, he's going to come for us.
Gregory: Zlata, Zlata, Zlata. Always business.
Zlata: What can I say? I love my work.

Jenn: This is you ... you did this. You remember how you said we could trust Zlata.
Desna: I was wrong, Jenn!
Jenn: This is your fault, all of it. ALL OF IT!