Claws Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Burn

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Poor Desna just can't catch a break.

Just when her plan to gain revenge starts to work, things fall apart on Claws Season 2 Episode 7.

Desna made the mistake of trying to be someone she is not: a gangster. She forgot who she was: a nurturer.

Plotting Her Next Step - Claws Season 2 Episode 7

As a result, she lost Quiet Ann, the gentlest soul on her crew, and Ann's unintentional pillow talk may prove to be Desna's downfall.

This was a good episode for law enforcement, whatever branch employs both Arlene and Lucy (FBI, I think).

First, after Polly confessed all her various crimes at a wired Dr. Ken on Claws Season 2 Episode 6, Arlene and Lucy had leverage on their incompetent informant.

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Then Polly dodged that bullet that she didn't even know was coming when Ken got useful dirt on Zlata vodka-boarding Roller, much to everyone's amazement, even mine.

Finally, Ann poured out her heart to her lying lover Arlene, which led to Desna being arrested on money-laundering and fraud charges.

If only Desna would have listened to the butch, but sensitive, angel on her shoulder, she wouldn't be in this mess right now. But she was too pissed off about being betrayed by Zlata and especially Gregory.

Who does Desna tell her tale of woe to first? Virginia. Her future sister-in-law tried to be empathetic, but as part of the Me First Generation, it was soon all about her. Well, she's trying.

Breakfast Delivery - Claws Season 2 Episode 7

That's not to say Desna hasn't learned anything working for first Uncle Daddy then Zlata. Going after the cocaine was the right play. 

Having the robbers pull on animal masks then break into the warehouse to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was hilarious. It was obvious that Desna, Ann, and Virginia were rank amateurs when it came to torching buildings.

Burning the cocaine rather than stealing it would have been a better option, however. It was more likely to send fear into the Haitians and the Russians more than a snatch-and-grab robbery would have.

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Also, Ann was willing to go along with that because it beat the alternative of being more deeply embedded with Uncle Daddy's gang. Then Desna probably wouldn't have been arrested in the end. If Arlene had anything on Desna, she certainly wouldn't have been depending on Dr. Ken.

At least Uncle Daddy finally answered the question Desna and many viewers had been pondering: why her? She was attractive to first Uncle Daddy then Gregory and Zlata because she had no criminal record, and therefore could be licensed to run a medical clinic.

That only makes sense, since all of the Hussers have criminal or drug records and the Russians and Haitians likely aren't even citizens.

Since the feds were cracking down on such licenses, Desna was essential for the clinic-expansion plan. And, as her husband, Gregory would inherit the license should Desna meet an untimely end.

After the Raid - Claws Season 2 Episode 7

So it was amazing that considering Gregory's plans for her, Desna was able to pull herself together for dinner at his house. Her sudden desire to wait for the wedding night rang a little hollow, but Gregory didn't seem to catch on.

Eavesdropping Desna, overhearing Gregory trying to figure out who stole the cocaine, decided to reach into her bag of tricks and set up Boris, much as she had set up her horrible foster-parents, the Combs, last season. She convinced Roller, also no fan of the Russians, to sneak a bag of cocaine into Boris's quarters, then tipped Gregory.

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Although it's hard to believe after watching Roller in Claws Season 1, he has become a more complex character: a loving father and a fearsome ally.

It was a hard couple of days for Roller. First Zlata had him waterboarded for information about Uncle Daddy. He gave nothing up until she threatened Bogan, then he still protected Uncle Daddy. Then Olga told him he's not Bogdan's father.

Desna's plan to get the Haitians and the Russians into a war worked. She even planned her alibi, a trip to the beach with Dean. Too bad she didn't get out of town sooner.

Parting of the Ways - Claws Season 2 Episode 7

Desna soon may be losing Jenn as well. The newly besmitten Bryce realized that he had brought a lot of his problems on himself by working for Uncle Daddy and wants to leave town. 

Zlata invaded the salon and insisted on being served by Jenn. Fortunately, Polly was able to talk Jenn down and got Jenn to swallow her pride when Zlata tried to make nice, which she doesn't do well. Otherwise, she might have been the second Husser shot by Zlata.

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Jenn was ready to flee town after Bryce's surgery. That's not going to happen with Desna in her hour of need. Also, I wonder if Bryce is safe, medically speaking.

I feel the worst for Dean, who watched his protector hauled away with no idea what was going on.

What's next for Desna? I'm guessing she'll flip. Then things will get interesting. She'll have much more useful information than Dr. Ken.

To follow Desna's trip to the dark side, watch Claws online.

What was Desna's biggest mistake? Will Jenn get to leave? Who will be the last gangster standing? Comment below.

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Please, not Zlata. Do you have any idea how lethal that woman is? I heard she murdered a family of five and turned them into life-sized nesting dolls.

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Lucy [to Arlene]