A Relationship Deepens - Claws
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Desna has a nightmare about being married to Gregory. Gregory is taking Desna and Dean out on his boat. Roller almost tells Desna that Gregory is the head of the Haitian mob. Jenn is still depressed after the brawl with Bryce and her mother. Dean tells Desna he wants to become one of Polly's male dancers. Desna gets a frosty reception from Gregory's mother Matilde. Polly is concerned about Marnie. Virginia is moving in with Dean. Gregory and Matilde seem a little too close. Zlata walks in on Toby and Uncle Daddy's S & M session. She wants to meet his connections in law enforcement. Ann has a plan to get Bryce and Jenn back together, luring him over by saying the power was out. Desna and Gregory offend Matilde by kissing in public. Later, Gregory tells Desna he loves her, but she doesn't reciprocate. Matilde is moving into Gregory's house. Bryce and Jenn debate their levels of infidelity. Bryce can't say he still loves Jenn and bolts. Desna counsels Jenn to have patience. Chip and Zlata hit it off. Zlata tells Desna to bring Gregory to her house for dinner. When they arrive, Desna discovers that most of Zlata's criminal crew is there. Zlata warns Gregory to treat Desna right. Jenn grabs munchies and ruins Dean's organized system. Zlata humiliates Uncle Daddy for his insubordination. She instructs Desna on how to cure Gregory of being a momma's boy. Marnie finds a photo of Polly and her twin sister. Jenn gets drunk using a tampon, and Bryce takes away the girls. Desna tells Dean he can be a dancer. Desna forces Gregory to choose between her and Matilde. She finally tells Gregory she loves him afterward.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Roller: You just got that crazy look in your eye.
Desna: I just had a weird dream.
Roller: Was it wet?
Desna: Bye, Roller.

Desna: What you doin' over here?
Roller: Got to get some shit for Bryce. He ain't showing his face after his sexcapades.
Desna: He shouldn't with his nasty ass. How do you sit up there and get a BJ from his mother-in-law?
Roller: Shit! We white and dirty, baby.