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A second pain clinic opens, but Dr. Ken is missing. Zlata lets Desna cut the ribbon and awards her a new sports car. Roller and Desna's girls warn her not to tell Zlata about the coup Uncle Daddy is planning. Dr. Ken flips on the Russians under pressure from Arlene and her partner Lucy. Polly is losing Marnie. Quiet Ann is back together with Arlene. Desna's crew is concerned by her closeness with Zlata. Desna tries to talk Clay out of his plan, but he's not listening. Zlata announces that Dean is the featured dancer for Hammer & Pickle's debut. Desna blurts out Uncle Daddy's plan to Zlata. She proposes a sitdown, and Zlata agrees. Gregory shoots down Uncle Daddy's plan. Polly's dinner with Ken's mother, Marine and Malik is a disaster. The ghost of Juanda inspires Uncle Daddy to beat up a barful of suits who have been making fun of him and Toby. So he decides to take on the Russians himself, at the strip club. Bryce presents Jenn with divorce papers. Gregory proposes to Desna on the beach. Dean panics at his debut. Roller and Olga are upset by baby Bogdan's being sick with the flu. Polly calms Dean down. Desna and Gregory are shocked at how well Dean dances. Desna tells Dean that Gregory proposed to her, but that nothing will change between them. Zlata throws an impromptu engagement party at the club. Uncle Daddy's crew attacks while Zlata is singing. Her squad gets the advantage as she shoots the invaders one by one, including Bryce. They rush him to the hospital. Desna goes to confront Zlata, only to discover Gregory re-enacting his proposal for her. They're a couple, and they've been conning everyone, including Desna.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I do look good in red.

Desna [to Roller]

Uncle Daddy: My daddy's rolling over in his grave, seeing me cede all our hard-earned goods over to that Commie. That damn Russian annihilated my soul, her and that dashiki Barbie.
Bryce: C'mon. Don't say that about Desna. That's offensive.