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Quiet Ann gets a call about a baby which she and Arlene had wanted to adopt. Desna and Uncle Daddy compare notes about working for Zlata. Jenn has been drinking before coming to work. Ann's brother Henry, the state senator, enters the salon. Malik is teaching Islam to Marnie, to Polly's distress. Henry wants Ann to come to their father's birthday dinner, and she reluctantly agrees. Henry is gay but in the closet. Desna hosts a spa day for Gregory's mom Matilde and a couple of the girls from his charity. Ann is still missing Arlene. Matilde grills Desna about her past. She wants to make sure the woman Gregory is about to marry is worthy. All the girls but Ann are thrilled for her. Dean says Virginia is getting in his space. Ann arrives late for her family's dinner. She argues with them about immigration. Henry is running for governor. Her parents want her to reconnect with her ex-husband. Ann storms off to the restroom and smokes a joint. She tells her parents that Henry is gay, but they already knew. It turns out her parents are also gay and have been each other's beards for years. Jenn calls for help. She got arrested for chugging box wine with no money to pay for it. Ann gets her out of trouble, then Jenn vomits on Ann's flipflops. She takes Jenn to an AA meeting. The Hussers show up, and Bryce and Jenn sing a duet. Afterward, he says he's going to have a lawyer draw up divorce papers. Uncle Daddy is recruiting soldiers for an uprising against Zlata. Ann blows up at Desna, telling her she and Arlene were going to have a child together. Ann calls Arlene and admits everything. Then Arlene and her partner arrest Dr. Ken.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Homeless Jim: Do you mind if I hop into your shower?
Quiet Ann: Sure. Use my conditioner, you die.

When did I go from bad-ass to errand boy?

Quiet Ann