Colony Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Sea Spray

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At long last, the gods must have smacked Katie and Will out of their comas on Colony Season 3 Episode 10, because they started talking again. Now the real fun begins.

Man, I've missed these two, and Katie hit the ground running when she laid out the situation for Michelle in no uncertain terms.

That's the Katie we know and love.

Will and Katie Talk Things Out - Colony Season 3 Episode 10

With her, Will, and Broussard working together, you know they're going to figure out a way to the island. What they're going to do with that information, I don't know, but one thing's for sure, Kynes is an overseeing mastermind.

There isn't a thing going on in Seattle that he doesn't know about, and he's surrounding himself with the best protection there is for when it all hits the fan.

The wildcard?

Easy, we're friendlies.


Broussard. Kynes doesn't know anything about him, so he's the key to figuring out what Kynes is up to exactly.

I have to admit, Snyder's putting together things pretty damn fast, which isn't surprising. If some shady dealings are going on, Snyder's going to smell it a mile away. Why? Because he can relate to how someone like Kynes thinks since Snyder's just like him.

Sneaky rats.

Bram and Gracie Talking - Colony Season 3 Episode 10

I love Snyder, as you all know, but even I was shocked by what he was revealing to his contact. When he was talking about Will being frozen in a stasis chamber, my blood was boiling. I was beginning to wonder if Will pulled Snyder's face out of that toilet a little too soon.

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Then I shook some sense into myself and realized I really don't believe that Snyder faked caring for the Bowmans. He has some kind of plan. We all know Snyder only tells bits and pieces of what he knows, so he can get the result he wants.

He's a master manipulator.

The kind of thing they would never give to us. That's why Kynes didn't report the theft. Just like we're not going to report the resistance activity, in this block. At least not until we can figure out how to exploit it.


Even though Snyder pissed me off at how anti-Will he was being, I am convinced whatever Snyder's doing; he's going to make sure the Bowmans are on the winning side.

Broussard, though? I'm not so sure. There's no love lost between him and Snyder either way.

I was glad to hear Will say he doesn't blame Snyder for Charlie's death. He knows it was a culmination of events. Happily, Will is finally healthily dealing with his grief.

Will Confronts Bram - Colony Season 3 Episode 10

When he was whistling and making his family breakfast in the kitchen, you could tell he remembered how his family used to be. He desperately wants that back. The ease of cooking breakfast for your waking family, eating and laughing together before heading off for the day.

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That's not the way it is anymore, but at least Will's trying again. Did Bram really have to come in and ruin it?

I get that Bram doesn't like the way Will has handled some things, but Bram's acting like a little brat. I suppose he could be a better parent? Have your own kid, Bram, and get back to us on how you do.

Last night, I've never seen you like that. Talk to me. Please.


Back to Will. Now we know for a fact he's an outlier, and there are hundreds of other outliers in Seattle free from stasis chambers. It seems Kynes is privy to some highly classified Host information and he's making sure he's protected from whatever comes.

Kynes is playing puppeteer with the outliers, letting them think they're on their own when all the while, Kynes himself is pulling all the strings. 

Let's hope that as Will, Katie, and Broussard recruit the other outliers, they keep it on the down-low. I have a feeling the cat's going to be out of the bag when Katie and Will go to the Pike Pine Gym for their meeting.

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As soon as they get there, Kynes' right-hand man is going to go running back to Kynes and tell him everything. Maybe the guy will slip up and reveal to Will he's really working for Kynes.

Will's good at picking up on stuff like that, now that he is getting back on his game anyway.

He's not all the way there, as he admitted to Amy, but he'll get there.

Bram's Girlfriend Visits - Colony Season 3 Episode 10

So, we've got two groups trying to get to the truth. Will's group, and Snyder's group. I wonder who will beat who to the punch.

One thing's for sure, Snyder's going to have an easier time getting on Blake Island than Will so that he might have a slight advantage in that respect.

I'm gonna make sure my family is safe in this colony, and if you won't help me, I won't hesitate for a minute to sell you out.


But Will has Broussard on his side, and that dude can pretty much sneak in and out of anywhere at any time. He's slick.

My bet is they'll each gather enough information almost to get them to the answer, and the only way they'll get the whole puzzle will be to work together again.

Wonder how that will go.

What do you think, Colony fans? What's Kynes' end game with the outliers he's leaving? Did you think Snyder was on the darker side of sneaky this episode?

When the happenings on Blake Island are discovered, what are they going to do with that information? And finally, are you glad to see the Bowmans working as a team again?

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Sea Spray Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Last night, I've never seen you like that. Talk to me. Please.


Easy, we're friendlies.