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It’s Day 7 of the quarantine. Hunger is setting in across the cordon and some people inside the walls have taken to eating rats and foraging for garbage. 

Xander has an encounter with the gang who took over the store. They agree to give Teresa everything she needs, but the rest of them, Xander included, have to ration. Quentin and Katie are also getting hungry inside the hospital. Burt can’t find the research lab and Katie finds it troubling.

Jake and another officer talk about French fries when they run into a man who has been shoplifting in order to trade items for food. He coughs and Jake asks him to go to the hospital to be checked out. Pearson, Jake’s fellow officer, leaves the altercation with a scratch on his arm and fears infection.

Footage from the apartment of the journalists inside the cordon leaks to the media and those who are outside are given a glimpse of the truth inside the walls. Lommers is understandably upset that the footage leaked. She removes Lex from his PR post and puts him in charge of a food drop for those inside. Lommers gives him 24 hours to make it happen.

Lex meets with Jake inside the tunnel to advise him of the 24 hour limit. Jake doesn’t think its possible but they have no choice except to move forward. Jake promises to take food to Jana if no one from her office shows up at the drop. Lex gives Jake a key to his apartment to give to Jana as a symbol of hope.

Suz and Jana watch a motorcycle gang in their parking lot and hear about the food drop on the news. Jana decides to go on the food run on her own. The gang at the grocery store force Xander to get in their truck

On the outside, Lex prepares for the food drop. Inside, Jake begins distributing food while reminding people to stay 4 to 6 feet apart. No one is listening and no one has followed the instructions. Jake finds a sick child and sends her to the hospital, reducing his police force even further. 

Jana makes her first trip outside since the quarantine began. One of Lex’s cops falls inside the cordon and Lex can’t let him leave. The officers outside disagree with Lex’s decision not to break the rules. 

Jake runs into Jana at the food drop and gives her Lex’s key. Jake confesses to Jana that he has a crush on Katie before handing over a box of MREs. He casually mentions Katie has a son before Jana leaves.

Katie visits Dr. Cannerts to ask questions about the virus and why she’s still stuck in the hospital. When she asks about Dr. Sanders, Cannerts starts dodging the questions and refusing to answer. The timeline is messed up and she wants answers he won’t give.

The gang rolls up to the food drop zone with plans to steal all the food. They pull guns on the cops and Jake orders his men to stand down so civilians don’t get shot. The gang starts loading their truck up with food. 

Outside, Lex and his men continue to argue about leaving their man behind when they watch what’s happening on security camera. Lommers doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the gang’s activity because the food is still inside the cordon. Lex disagrees with her.

Katie goes looking for answers and finds that the sign in page from the morning of her visit has disappeared. Jake learns that one of his officers is dying. The officer takes his own life so that the virus can’t kill him.

To get back into her office, Jana has to pass the biker gang in the parking garage. She’s surrounded on almost all sides and gets attacked by several of them on her way to the elevator. The man on the roof rescues her so she brings him into Bitscan.

Lex tells the Chief he wants the feds gone from their jurisdiction. They see his people as statistics and not people. 

As Xander and the gang unload the rations, one of them sneezes. Jana wants to bring Sam, the man who saved her, into the office but one of her co-workers refuses. 

Jake puts his friend’s belongings into envelopes and puts his ashes on a shelf with the others he’s helped cremate. Cannerts brings in the body of the little girl from the food drop. Her name was Sarah. 

Katie finds Jake in the hall and he delivers a box of food. She shares her theory that they’re all being lied to and Jake asks her to save it for another day. They break down about their mutual bad days and he gives his offer to help. He takes the information to Lex. Lex takes the information outside. 

The cop who fell inside the cordon is working for the Chief.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jake: What knucklehead breaks into a quarantine?
Lex: His girlfriend’s about to give birth.
Jake: You gonna ask me to deliver the baby too?

Jake: What good’s this key gonna do her now?
Lex: It’s a little metaphor called hope, you idiot.