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Rebecca sees Dr. Akopian to talk through her current love triangle status. When Dr. Akopian reminds her that neither Greg, nor Josh, is offering her a relationship, she decides to ditch the doc - and let the universe take the wheel.

When Rebecca realizes that her period is a day late, she immediately believes that she is pregnant, assuming it to be a sign from the universe that she should be with Josh.

Josh, however, is not thrilled by the news, panics, and then breaks up with Rebecca - for good. 

Rebecca then comes across Greg in the park, and they talk about rekindling their romance.

Greg is faced with a big decision: should he stay in West Covina, and chase after love with a girl who's already broken his heart once, or pursue an education and a new start in Atlanta by attending Emory?

Elsewhere in the hour, Paula discovers that she got in to law school - and that she might be pregnant. She needs to decide what her next steps will be, as she laments the universe for getting in the way of her and those great Nine West pumps that she's always dreamed of wearing to work as a lawyer.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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