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Prentiss and Walker help out Rossi at an advanced-training seminar. The class pitched in to get Rossi Scotch for his birthday, but he doesn't celebrate his birthday because escaped serial killer Tommy Yates, "The Womb Raider," gives him the location of a body of another victim on his birthday. This time, Yates calls him with a new victim. Rossi recruits the class to help find the victim, Jody Wilson. Rossi interviews Jody's mother, who tells him that Jody had met a man, who ends up being Yates.The team wonders why Yates started a relationship with Jody. Yates takes another woman, Regina Franklin, and tells Rossi where she will be buried. Walker thinks Yates may be dying, and blood-work proves that he has cancer. Yates picks up another prostitute, Brandi, but his violent coughing slows him. Yates keeps changing his M.O. Rossi has a couple imaginary conversations with Yates in an effort to get inside his head and figure out where he's going. Yates takes Brandi to Rossi's home, where Rossi shoots him dead. Rossi invites the class to his house for dinner. Walker reminds Rossi about how many people are living because of him.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 9 Quotes

I used to think they were all monsters too. But they're not. They're just men, and occasionally women. Not to respect the people I hunt would be like a soldier not respecting his enemy, and that mistake costs lives.


Walker: Agent Rossi was a mentor when I was coming up, so I'm happy to be here.
Prentiss: He said you're one of the most naturally gifted profilers he's ever seen.