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Prentiss is bringing in a  new member to the BAU, which leads to endless speculation from the team. Someone is killing prostitutes in Yakima, Wash. The unsub who has taken the latest woman looks like a scarecrow.  The living victim is Cherry Rollins, mother of a young son. Checking two sites, the team discovers close to 10 bodies tied to the unsub. Cherry tries to make connection with the unsub, but he's lost in a flashback. The unsub is punishing himself for his sexual urges. The team decides to check out a local religious group. A locket leads to a missing girl, Wendy Baldwin, who wasn't a sex worker. Cherry is getting through to the unsub, Kevin Decker, by mentioning his religious zealot father. He drops his knife and reveals his face to her. He tells her about how his father hung him up in a cornfield like a scarecrow as punishment. Cherry talks Kevin into untying her, then she stabs him with scissors and escapes, with him in hot pursuit. The team uses customer records from the Baldwins' hardware store to discover the unsub. Kevin catches Cherry in the corn field when she comes upon the skeleton of Kevin's father hanging like a scarecrow, but the team frees her, before Kevin buries himself in a silo, with Alvez and Prentiss barely escaping with Rossi's help. Reid is taking time off to help his mother. The new member, Stephen Walker, is introduced at episode's end.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 8 Quotes

Man plans and God smiles.


So whoever this well-qualified, mystery person is, once they join, we change our name from the Magnificent Seven to the Awesome Eight. Huh? It's perfect.