Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5 Review: Lucky Strikes

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It may have taken a decade, but finally, Floyd Feylinn Ferell was behind bars.

But getting him there was especially tough on Garcia on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5.

Her consolation: Morgan was back, for a scene or two.

Derek Morgan Returns - Criminal Minds

Cannibalistic killer Ferell first appeared way back on Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode 8 but got sentenced at a psychiatric facility for his crimes.

'But while Ferell seemed simplistic, his cunning has actually been in play over the past decade, as he developed an apprentice, Marcus Manning.

Now, after building up a sterling record inside, Ferell got released for home visits with his sister Lori. He turned Marcus loose on the town that he himself terrorized a decade before, Bridgewater, Fla.

Ferell's plan was ingenious: to have his copycat, Marcus, start the murders again while Ferell was inside so that he would have a ready-made alibi. It would also serve the dual purpose of casting some doubt as to whether he might be an innocent victim.

Ferell's plan made perfect sense, you know, for a nutjob. Develop another viable suspect, then throw him under the bus.

On a Case - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5

One thing I don't remember being addressed is how Ferell recruited Marcus to be his de facto apprentice. Since Ferell had been in a psychiatric facility for the past decade, and Marcus had mental problems as well, did they meet inside? I may have just missed the explanation.

Jamie Kennedy's Ferell was one skeevy dude. I'm surprised at how forgiving the townfolk seemed to be toward him. Only Lee-Ann Kelton, mother of one of his victims, Abby Kelton, seemed to be objecting to his being inserted back into the community. It's nice they were so forgiving, but I don't think that was very realistic.

Ferrell fooled almost everyone, except the BAU, and was only minutes away from freedom, but a sharp observation by Garcia fingered him for his involvement in the murders, both past and current.

It was interesting to have the BAU go back into a small town that they have visited earlier, and to see the team have doubts that maybe, just maybe, they had been wrong about Ferell previously. Ferell's plan even had them second-guessing themselves.

This was a rough case for Garcia, because she was shot by Jason Clark Battle, who she was dating, while the BAU was initially investigating Ferell.

Even though she felt she had dealt with the traumatic event, memories of the shooting kept popping up while she was trying to work, derailing her thought process.

JJ stayed behind to keep an eye on Garcia and to try to help her deal with her feelings. She wasn't having much luck getting through to her, but she knew who could, so she called Morgan.

Derek Returns!! - Criminal Minds

Drawing on their special bond, Morgan knew just what to say to calm down Garcia, finishing his brief visit with a recorded message from his young son to Garcia. That showed that he hated to be away from Garcia, but this is the good reason why he is.

Yes, it was a heartwarming moment that fit nicely into the narrative and helped Garcia to get her head back in the game.

Everyone loves when a beloved character returns, and with Shemar Moore on the cusp of super-stardom extraordinaire, now more than ever.

Because yes, this cameo was also pure product placement. Also promos for Shemar Moore's SWAT, premiering Nov. 2 if you somehow missed it, aired during every commercial break. 

A Shocking Call - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5

One thing I'm happy to see is that there hasn't been a lot of residual trauma for Reid, after his time inside. They've acknowledged that he's dealing with PTSS, but it hasn't popped up every episode. I fear it will be a time bomb that will blow at the worst possible time. 

Garcia's situation shows that recovery is an ongoing process. She's still dealing with her trauma a decade later. And she doesn't carry a gun. So bringing up Reid's PTSS storyline with regularity probably would be a good idea.

SPOILER ALERT: On Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6, the BAU need to find the common denominator among a group of missing women in Virginia. Hint, based on the episode title and the preview, it involves a spooky bunker. Airing the day after Halloween, let's call it a haunted house.

To catch up on the new-look BAU, watch Criminal Minds online.

Did you have any doubt about Ferell's guilt? Did you expect Garcia's reaction? How much did you enjoy Shemar Moore's annual visit? Comment below.

Lucky Strikes Review

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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective. -- Ursus Wehrli


Orderly: C'mon, Floyd. You must have worked up an appetite over the weekend.
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