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Garcia loses the signal from the team, which has been caught in a trap set up by Mr. Scratch. Matt SImmons arrives to help her out. JJ, Alves, Rossi and Lewis are injured, Walker is dead and Prentiss gets abducted by Scratch. Prentice discovers her legs have been put in traction so she can't move. Rossi sends Alves and Reid to the office to fetch Bears season tickets for Matt. Scratch plans to withhold morphine from Prentiss, so that she will give him the information he wants. Garcia, Matt, Reid and Alves find Walker's file on Scratch and go through it. Scratch is trying to find Hotch, whose location he wants from Prentiss. She claims not to know, but Scratch has her burner phone with texts from Hotch. Reid figures out that the texts were faked to lure out Scratch. Reid figures out that an abbreviation in Prentiss's text is an hallucinogen that would attract Scratch, so he demands they investigate local suppliers. Walker's wife Monica arrives and demands to see his body. Scratch injects Prentiss with amphetamine to induce a heart attack. The doctor Scratch is blackmailing to help him revives her. Garcia and Matt go to the one local church using the hallucinogen, and they find Scratch's IT setup Lewis wakes up and said that Scratch dosed Prentiss in the car, and everything she is feeling is an hallucination. Prentiss figures that out as well. She lures him in, bites his ear. and runs. The rest of the team arrives at Scratch's warehouse. Matt and Alves chase Scratch. The fire escape Scratch is on lets go, and he's hanging off the side of the building. He falls to his death before Alves reaches for him. Prentiss plans to recruit Matt for the BAU after they take some forced rest..

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

Matt: Need a minute?
Garcia: So, so badly. But we need to find Emily, so let's get to work.

‘Hold on!’ -- Rudyard Kipling

Hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them