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Prentiss informs J.J. that she is on the short list of candidates to become director of the FBI. J.J. still hasn't decide if she would stay as unit chief or become director of the New Orleans field office. Rossi decides Lynch didn't kill him because he reminded Lynch of his father. Also he thinks Lynch is trying to track down his supposedly-dead father. Lynch kills and removes the face of his current mark. Reid convinces Rossi to bring his theory to the rest of the team. Lynch lets a former mark, Marilyn Irwin, and her daughter Olivia, running from an abusive boyfriend, stay with him. J.J. and Lewis interview the recently paroled Roberta. Lynch recalls murdering his daughter Grace. Garcia traces someone tracking Roberta's aliases to Reno. Nevada, private eye Orlando Gaines. Gaines warns Lynch that the BAU is looking for him. Garcia uncovers that Marilyn and Olivia are living with Lynch. Olivia discovers Marilyn has disappeared. Roberta tracks down Delvin Weaver, Lynch's father. She tells Delvin Lynch is hunting for him. Then she shoots and kills him. Roberta's lawyer gives up the name of Lynch's father. Lynch calls Rossi to confirm his father is dead. He wants to talk privately to Rossi. Prentiss approves the meeting. Lynch tells Rossi about when Delvin tried to drown him. Lynch spikes Olivia's insulin as a precaution. Lynch escapes using mining tunnels. Roberta locates Lynch and tells Olivia her mother is never coming back. Reid calls and asks Roberta to let Olivia go free, which she does. Roberta dies in a blast Lynch set off while escaping through a tunnel. Reid is injured in the explosion, which kills six FBI SWAT agents. Prentiss loses the promotion as a result. Reid collapses as soon as he figures out Lynch is still alive.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 9 Quotes

Prentiss [to J.J.] Don't worry. If given the chance, I'm making history.

J.J.: You're going to be the next director of the FBI.
Prentiss: That remains a definite maybe.