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A father and daughter get abducted after attending a movie. Prentiss calls, interrupting Reid's planned coffee date with Maxine. The kidnapper demands that Cat Adams be released within 24 hours. Cat tells Reid that she's stopped fighting, pleading guilty to all counts against her. Cat wants to go on a date with Reid. The team's goal is to identify the unsub and her victims. They check out the posters identifying the missing father as the murderer of a woman named Susan. The unsub shoots the father, with blanks. The unsub is Juliette Weaver, Cat's old cellmate. Susan was Cat's mother and the man is Cat's father. So Spencer agrees to a date with Cat, to draw information out of her. Instead of taking Cat ice skating, Reid brings her to a roller rink. After he tells her he planned a surprise for their anniversary, she gives him the number 23. Cat's lawyer unintentionally helped her with the DNA test. The team goes to the address where the DNA test was sent and rescues Cat's father, Don Brenner, but Juliette took her half-sister Eloise. The DNA test results reveal the Brenners weren't related to Cat. Spencer takes Cat to his apartment. He kisses Cat but Maxine is waiting inside. The Brenners are Maxine's father and younger sister. Juliet is going to kill the boyfriend for whom she took the fall, and she plans for Eloise to help her. Cat wants Max to tell her the name of the man who hurt her. Maxine tells about the abusive relationship in which she had been and admitted to murdering her ex. She gets Cat to text Juliette. Cat is returned to prison. Except for Spencer, the team and Max worked together to outsmart Cat. Reid and Maxine kiss in the elevator.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 6 Quotes

We have no illusions. There is just a game to [Cat]. The question is do we want to play it or not.

Prentiss [to Reid]

That's OK. Coffee can wait. Go save a life.

Maxine [to Reid]