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Two men playing basketball outside get shot. That makes three men killed by a sniper in Des Plaines, Ill. This reminds the team of a similiar case 15 years ago in the same town. It can't be the same killer since Reid killed the original one  Three more people are shot in a park, copying the original killer. The copycat is killing at a faster pace than the first killer. A local cop should be the next target. Alvez and Simmons determine that they aren't dealing with a long-distance serial killer. The unsub is a short-range killer, a deviation from the original case. Also multiple guns were used at the park shootings. A team attacks the vehicle carrying Alvez, SImmons, and Lewis, throwing in a flash-bang grenade. They take Luke and Matt but leave the injured Tara. The copycat killings were a ploy to get the BAU there. During a cognitive eval, Lewis recalls a tattoo on the hand of one of the attackers. Simmons and Alvez are being held by Louis Chaycon, who is behind the operation. Garcia figures out that Chaycon had been captured through the efforts of Simmons and Alvez but had escaped custody. He blames them because his brother Bobby, who had been harboring him, was beaten to death in prison. Simmons tells Chaycon that Bobby was snitching to him on Louis' gang and that he was worried about someone called Flea. Chacon kills Fleabag. Rossi gets a lead on the warehouse where the missing agents might be held from an undercover agent in a biker gang. Matt and Luke get loose and gain the upper hand on Chaycon's gang. But Rossi arrives just in time to save Simmons from being shot. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 5 Quotes

We've taken to calling SImmons the Bus Drive because he took you to school.

Lewis [to Alvez]

In some ways the kids manage to keep me young.

Simmons [to Alvez]