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Reid describes his dream about confronting an axe-wielding unsub at BAU headquarters to his therapist. She prescribes that he have one normal conversation with a person outside of work. Rossi and Prentiss help Simmons assemble a new crib. Garcia is leading a hacking competition at BAU headquarters. Elizabeth, one of the contestants, asks for Garcia's help with an online stalker. Garcia calls in J.J., Lewis, and Alvez to help her. She gives J.J. and Lewis a list of Elizabeth's ex-boyfriends to check out while she and Alvez go to Elizabeth's apartment to look for clues. Prentiss is served with a subpeona for a suit by an old neighbor. Brian Gerrity claims he's being watched by the government. Although Rossi tries to talk her out of it, Prentiss decides to haul in Gerrity for a talk. Reid meets Maxine thanks to the efforts of her precocious  nephew. The stalker has devices hidden all over ElIzabeth's apartment and has a compartment where he can lie under her bed. The stalking started after she broke up with her boyfriend Billy. Prentiss tells Gerrity that he's feeling targeted because his wife left him.  Elizabeth admits to Garcia and Alvez that she can't sleep anymore. Spencer discovers that Maxine is an art teacher. Her sister Michelle tells him that Maxine is single. Garcia reveals to Alvez about the dark things she sees on the web, including her own online stalker. Prentiss sends in Lewis to deal with Gerrity. She convinces him he's being spied on by another agency. Spencer describes his dream to Maxine. The unsub was stalking Billy, not Elizabeth. Billy identifies Elizabeth's neighbor Hayes. Rossi suggests Matt becomes his writing partner. Kristy's water breaks. Maxine challenges Reid to find her. The BAU arrests Hayes. It's a girl -- Rose Mary Simmons. Spencer tracks down Maxine. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Quotes

Prentiss: Also, the more you look at this crib, the more you might consider divorce.
Kristy: Yeah, I checked the color on the web site. It's called Daddy Issues Red.

That color really announces itself.

Rossi [to Simmons]