Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Review: Saturday

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There's no such thing as a day off for members of the BAU.

That was the upshot of Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4.

Hell, five out of the team's eight members couldn't even stay out of the office, although that was largely due to circumstances beyond their control. 

Saturday in the Park -- Tall - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

Garcia's public-service hacking competition was hilarious as she gave tough-love assessments to the participants, so much the opposite of her usual sunny disposition.

The event even produced a contestant who was being stalked online.

Field Work - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

Although how could Elizabeth possibly undersell the savage messages that she had been receiving for six months, which caused her to lose any semblance of an ordinary life?

Garcia quickly rounded up the agents who weren't already involved in other storylines to help her find the stalker.

She couldn't do Prentiss's leadership shtick worth a damn but she still managed to get across her requests for help.

It was a treat to watch Lewis and J.J. tag-team Elizabeth's cocky ex-boyfriend. Too bad he wasn't the unsub but at least they gave him time to think about his past actions.

Lewis, with her sarcastic sense of humor, has grown on me. Aisha Tyler has made Tara into a likeable character despite the criminal lack of effort the writers have invested into growing her character over the past five seasons.

Rude Development - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

It was intriguing to watch Garcia out in the field, as she and Alves swept Elizabeth's apartment and discovered all the creepy surveillance going on there.

That's when a threat that appeared virtual became much more real.

This episode also marked a change in the relationship between Penelope and Luke.

Garcia has always condescendingly treated Alvez as an interloper, simply because he took the place of her beloved Derek.

That's not Luke's fault, as Morgan left for personal reasons. But whoever said love is logical?

Problem Solver - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

But Alvez was able to get behind Garcia's defenses, to find out why she was pushing so hard on this particular case.

Garcia always seemed to be handling well the nastiness of where she goes for information. But it turned out she has an electronic stalker of her own, living in Russia where she and the BAU couldn't legally reach him.

But she was determined to find justice for Elizabeth. And it was Garcia who figured out that Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend Billy was the actual target while she was being stalked out of convenience.

So, while Garcia hasn't been able to capture her stalker, at least she was able to help out Elizabeth. And Alvez will be by her side when she is able to target her stalker.

Lewis was also helpful when it came to ending Prentiss's bad day off.

Productive Day Off - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

Poor Emily! She was happily watching Simmons and Rossi work at assemblying a crib while she got a buzz on with wine and doughnuts.

Then the doorbell rang and she got served as a result of an ex-neighbor suing her because the FBI is watching him.

Her ex-neighbor Gerrity was a delusional "targeted individual," who blamed Prentiss and the FBI because his wife had left him.

Ignoring Rossi's advice, a not-quite-sober Prentiss tried to reason with this nutcase, who then wanted to dig into her faking her own death.

Lewis chose a much more effective strategy, misdirecting Gerrity to blame another agency before handing him off to a shrink.

Making Plans - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

Meanwhile, Uncle David was still trying to help out the Simmons family.

You have to pity Matt. He did the right thing, donating the family's old crib then buying a new one. Only he was learning the travails of ready-to-assembly furniture, often with directions in a foreign language.

But the crib was just a pretense so that Rossi could get to better know Matt's family.

He learned that Matt and Kristy were worried about how they could juggle the finances for their five (not 15, Emily!) kids.

David also discovered Matt's journals, detailing his travels to distant lands for his children, and that Matt was a talented writer.

Difficult Directions - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

As a newlywed, Rossi had been looking to take a step back, and here was his chance. 

By taking on Matt as his co-writer, David could still cash in on the brand he had established without doing all the work, while Matt would have a much-needed second income.

No wonder Matt and Kristy named their new baby girl Rose Mary, the closest name they could get to Rossi.

Also, as David wryly noted, her first name is the same as the color of that hideous crib.

Finally, Reid may have found life outside of the BAU.

Almost Time - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

After he told Dr. Stein about his recurring dream linking death and the BAU, she made the right call by sending him out into the real world.

Her prescription is to have a normal conversation with a normal person, someone from outside his world of death.

Spencer was accosted by a precocious boy not unlike himself. The boy's Aunt Maxine was wary of the odd man to whom he was talking.

But Maxine was also able to recognize the pure if tortured soul in front of her. So when Sammy's mother picked him up (and dropped a not-too-subtle hint), she stayed and talked with Reid and brought out his much-ignored playful side.

Maybe Maxine is just what Spencer needs to connect to the normal world.

This was an enjoyable change-of-pace episode, directed by original showrunner Ed Bernero, and was rich with humor and which included new directions for some characters.

Therapy Session - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4

To review Bernero's work, watch Criminal Minds online.

Which was your favorite storyline?

Did you mind having a case of the week which just happened?

Spencer and Maxine: Yes or no?

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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Quotes

Prentiss: Also, the more you look at this crib, the more you might consider divorce.
Kristy: Yeah, I checked the color on the web site. It's called Daddy Issues Red.

That color really announces itself.

Rossi [to Simmons]