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Maxine, still unable to sleep after her assault, gets a call at 3:45 a.m. Max snaps at Serena because Serena is chatting with Jocelyn Lozando, an LVFD officer and a former girlfriend of hers, when Max needs a search warrant. Allie discovers a Bigfoot print outside. The gasoline smell inside indicates arson. The bodies appeared to have been restrained. The victims are a real-estate mogul and his son. Chris finds a sasquatch on the doorbell camera footage. Max insists it's a man in a costume. The team has to handle the arson investigation because LVFD is short-handed. The son was suffocated with shrink wrap while the father had radioactive cloth in his mouth. Folsom and Beau find eight different points of origin for the fire. Folsom locates an engagement ring in the ashes. Serena goes out with Jocelyn to catch up. Folsom re-creates the fire's origin. Allie and Folsom return to the crime scene and discover the missing diamond from the ring. Josh can't reach Serena. Folsom and Allie find the arsonist's entry point. The developer had failed to remove asbestos at one of his projects, causing residents to get sick. Serena and Allie capture suspect Carlo Rey. Cancer victim Carlo couldn't have committed the murder. Beau mentions Max's assault to Bryan, which hadn't been told about it. Josh confronts Serena about her live-in relationship with Jocelyn and she objects to his cyberstalking. Allie overhears this locker-room fight. DNA proves the ring belonged to Carlo's late wife. Max thinks the sasquatch costume was worn by both Carlo and his son Michael. The radioactive cloth was from Michael. Both Michael and Carlo confessed hoping to help out the other. Allie advices Folsom to trust Serena. Josh and Serena make up. Max tells Bryan she can't sleep and he movies in. 

CSI: Vegas
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