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-Elena and John Ross figure out that they can side drill to reach the Southfork oil from the adjoining property. They offer Bobby the plan as a way to make enough money to buy back the rites from the Venezuelans.

-Bobby has a brain seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Elena tells John Ross about Bobby's cancer and he tells Baum to get JR.

-Bobby needs surgery to avoid an aneurysm but they must wait for the medication to lower his blood pressure. He chooses to go home against medical advice.

-JR. returns to Southfork. Ann threatens to shoot him. Sue Ellen slaps him and John Ross asks him to return Southfork to Bobby as an offer of family peace.

-JR gives Bobby back Southfork. Bobby receives a phone call saying they may have proof of JR's fraud and is Bobby willing to send his brother to prison. Bobby has another seizure and collapses.

-Harris Ryland knows what Sue Ellen did to save John Ross and blackmails her with it.  She tells Ann.

-Tommy tells Rebecca he needs Christopher's key card to close a deal.  When she refuses to steal it he beats her.  Rebecca pulls a gun. They fight and the gun goes off.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

The plans to Christopher's rig or I put a bullet in your little fairy tale.


I know you must be thinking how did I get so lucky to snag this guy, aren't you?

John Ross