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-Rebecca shoots and kills Tommy. She makes a phone call and a clean up crew comes and takes his body away. 

-Christopher is furious when he sees Rebecca's bruises and has Baum track down Tommy.  They find his motel room where Christopher answers the phone.  It's Tommy's real sister, Rebecca.

-Christopher confronts his Rebecca and tells her he plans to try and have her arrested and will take the twins from her once they are born.

-Rebecca goes to see her father…Cliff Barnes and the two vow to take down the Ewings.

-John Ross proposes to Elena and she accepts.  Then he garners the old Ewing Oil space for Ewing Energies. 

-Bobby awakens and recovers.  He chooses not to have J.R. sent to prison but he and John Ross must testify and Vicente is arrested.

-When Elena finds out John Ross lied to her about his involvement in the fraud she breaks their engagement.  When Christopher runs to her after his breakup with Rebecca, the two end up in bed together.

-Ann wears a wire and records Ryland's confession.  Then she threatens him and tells him to leave her family alone.  Sue Ellen resumes her fun for governor.

-A heart broken John Ross tells J.R. he wants to learn all of his dirty tricks to take over Ewing Energies.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Christopher: Old Ewing Oil space?
John Ross: Actually, new Ewing Energies space.

My life and everything I want it to be is better with you.

John Ross