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Luis transports Emma and Anne to Mexico. The cartel will release them when their double shipment arrives but it gets stopped at the border. Ryland begs the CIA for help but they refuse. 

When the cartel begins selling off pieces of Ewing Global to fund their election, John Ross enlists Pamela's help to make a deal with Nasir to buy the company back. She agrees in order to help Anne.

Christopher tracks down Lucia Trevino and tells her what happened and that Nicolas is with Elena. When she calls Nicolas and swears he's not with Elena but Lucia gets back photos with proof. She takes the children and heads to Southfork. 

Nicolas tells Elena the truth about his cartel ties. She is furious that he deceived her. 

Bobby uses his political contacts to get the Texas government to perform an emergency evacuation drill at the border. He goes to Mexico and tells Luis that using it as a distraction, they can get an entire train full of drugs into the country. Luis agrees to the deal but will only let Bobby take one hostage back with him until it is complete. 

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If something happens to my granddaughter you and everyone you love will die regretting it.


My father's feud with the Ewings is over but mine is just beginning.