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John Ross and Pamela return from their honeymoon but John Ross brings Emma back in the necklace in the hope of getting the ice ship contract. Emma blackmails Judith to get the leases. 

Cliff realizes that Pamela believes he's guilty. 

After a fight, Ann kicks Emma off the ranch. Emma comes back to apologize and lies to Ann that she's broken things off with John Ross. Ann says she can come back. 

Sue Ellen approaches the governor about revoking John Ross' permits to drill on Southfork and gives him a bottle of J.R.'s bourbon with a bug in the cork. She gets incriminating evidence to use against him and has Bobby replace the Railroad Commissioner so that he can once again block fracking on Southfork.

John Ross is furious that his mother betrayed him. 

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Good blackmail never sours.

Sue Ellen

Pamela: What are you looking at?
John Ross: The world. You ready to go rule it?