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After a night spent in bed with Emma, John Ross confirms that she has her father's power of attorney and convinces her to have Ryland Transport work with Ewing Global. 

John Ross proposes to Pamela under the stars with a huge engagement ring. He wanted to do it properly and Sue Ellen want to plan a real wedding for them. Pamela is thrilled.

Elena visits cliff in a Mexican prison and says she found proof to back up his story, that JR switched deeds leaving her daddy with worthless land. She tells Cliff she'll help make the Ewings pay.

Elena returns to Dallas asking forgiveness and for a job at Ewing Global. She's given both. When Christopher wants to get back together she tells him they need a little time apart.

Nicholas Trevino shows up at Ewing Global with Cliff's proxy and is able to block the Ewings plans to bid on Artic drilling. Nicholas turns out to be Joaquim, Elena's childhood friend whom her family took in and raised as their own. He's now a powerful man in Mexico and willing to do anything to help Elena.

Bobby isn't happy when John Ross wants to renovate South Fork. 

John Ross finds a solution to raising the money for the Artic drilling. They can drill the oil on South Fork. Now that the oil/shale has shifted higher to the surface he doesn't need Bobby or Gary's approval. 

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