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Mick takes everyone back to the world. Unfortunately, it's five months later, pissing off the Legends just a bit.

Sara is the first to make contact with the world, and she sees her dad. He tells her the bad news about Laurel.

Mick is stealing stuff already, discovering Haircut is his getaway driver. Ray realizes Snart left them together because he knew they would take care of each other.

Everyone is back at the Waverider spot. They all have their all reasons, but they want to go back.

Kendra is running in France in 1944. She's fighting Savage. He chokes her. It's unclear why he hasn't killed her.

Laurel wants to be taken back to the past to save Laurel.

The helmet falls off the wall. Reverberating changes. There is a note in it. 

They realize where Kendra is and head to 1944. 

There are monsters and zombies and a lot of fight scenes. 

They're fighting in three time periods at once. They finally kill Vandal Savage.

Rip takes the jumpship and flies right into the sun...or something. The ship starts to break up and he sees his wife and son.

Oh. He was only imagining things. That was confusing.

No. He wasn't. It's done.

All are back and ready to go, except the Hawkpeople! Happy dances are done around the world.

Hourman flies in.

Don't get on that ship!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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