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At Constantine's house, Gary let's the spirit of Astra's mother, Natalie, escape.

Sara let's Ava captain the Waverider while she goes to Star City to take care of some business.

Constantine tells Gary and Charlie that Natalie died when a car hit her and that after he botched Astra's exorcism, the demon he summoned brought Natalie back.

Natalie couldn't live with herself after the demon took Astra and she killed herself.

Ray tells Nora he loves her over the phone while she's away on Fairy Godmother business. She says it back.

Zari tells the Legends that she has a boyfriend, DJ S'more Money.

Gideon tells the Legends about a disturbance in the timeline in Paris in 1793 where the French Revolution collapses.

Ava lets Zari tag along for the mission.

Constantine reveals that it was his idea to resurrect Natalie.

At a party in 1793, the Legends figure out that Marie Antoinette is the Encore. Everyone seems to be under a spell, except for Ava and Zari.

Ava puts together that Marie was beheaded for partying while France starved and she's getting her revenge by killing the Revolution with a nonstop party.

Constantine and Natalie were in love but he chose magic over her.

Natalie takes over Charlie's body.

The Legends take Marie to the Waverider, but not before her head falls off after running into a pillar.

Natalie gets Constantine to admit that he brought her back to convince her he was right to choose magic over her.

Natalie tells him that he needs to save Astra for Astra, not for his ego.

Zari asks Gideon to show her her future. In 2045, her reputation goes up in flames when her perfume ruins people's sense of smell.

Zari figures out that Marie's perfume is magical and is what made everyone like her. She takes it for herself.

In 2044, Zari attends an event where her agent and DJ S'more tell her that they're planning for him to propose to her as a publicity stunt.

Marie tells Ray that Zari stole her perfume.

Ava figures out the perfume is magic and that her and Zari weren't affected at the party because of Zari's perfume.

Marie's body gets loose on the Waverider.

Zari uses the perfume and DJ S'more  proposes to her. He knocks into her and spills the whole bottle of perfume onto her. Everyone starts chasing after her.

Ava sprays Zari's perfume on herself, Behrad, and Nate to protect themselves from Marie's perfume.

They save Zari, and Ray and Mick capture Marie's body.

Natalie tells Constantine that the Loom of Fate can save Astra and it's why she brought Charlie to the house.

Charlie tells Constantine that she destroyed the Loom.

Astra seeks out the coin maker to help her kill Constantine. She asks her for a favor in the future in return. 

Constantine starts spitting up blood.

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