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The Legends try to find a way to use the Loom. Astra and Sara offer to be the other two weavers.

Constantine finds something on the Chalice of Dionysus. If you drink from it, you become a god for a day.

Nate recognizes it as the Chug Cup from the fraternity from his rival college, Hudson University.

Ava, Nate, Zari, Charlie, and Astra go to Hudson to find the chalice.

Mick and Lita take a tour of the college.

The Legends find Dion, the head of the Sigmas and Dionysus, with the chalice. Charlie approaches him since they used to be friends, but he tells her and the rest of the Legends that they must win the chalice in the Chug Competition.

Charlie and Astra pledge a sorority. They get into a fight and are rejected.

Zari decides that they should start their own sorority, Delta Chi Sigma.

Nate drinks some of Dion's special beer that transforms him back into college Nate. Dion tricks him into telling him about the Legends plans with the chalice.

Dion disqualifies the Deltas from the Chug Challenge because he wants people to have free will and the right to party.

Nate tells Charlie and Astra that Dion only has power if he has followers.

Charlie shapeshifts into Nate and distracts Dion while the Deltas sabotage his party. All of his followers go to the Delta party.

They still are not able to get the chalice so Sara challenges Dion to beer pong to discredit him.

Sara wins and Mick and Lita get the chalice.

All of the Legends, except for Zari, drink from the chalice.

Lachesis approaches Astra and tells her she wants to cash in on the favor Astra owes her for her help in trying to kill Constantine.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Ava: This book says that Merlin used the Philosopher's Stone.
Charlie: Pshh, that thing's as real as Santa.
Nate: Shh, Gary's in the room.
Gary: What?

I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well just add wannabe god to the list.