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After the events of Heyworld, the Legends are famous.

Kevin Harris' documentary film crew is following them around on the Waverider in order to prove to everyone that they are capable of protecting the timeline and to get funding from the government.

Behrad, Zari's brother from 2044, is the ship's technician. No one remembers Zari.

The Legends welcome Sara, Ray, and Mick home from the Crisis and tell them about the documentary. Sara doesn't take it well.

Gideon is glitching.

A time quake hits the Waverider, they triangulate it to 1917 Russia and travel there with the film crew.

Rasputin has come back from the dead.

Back in 2020, Constantine and Gary respond to a call regarding a possession. It turns out being a demon Constantine used to know.

Yusupov, the man behind Rasputin's murder, is thrown out of a window by Rasputin.

Constantine's demon friend tells him that Astra is releasing hell's worst souls onto Earth.

Constantine exorcises the demon.

Rasputin hypnotizes Nate so that remembers Zari.

The Legends try killing Rasputin behind Sara's back but fail. Sara is furious.

Behrad figures out that Gideon is glitching because of the new timeline they created with Heyworld.

Rasputin has taken Kevin hostage. He plans to kill the Romanov's.

Sara and Behrad stop the assassinations. 

Rasputin hypnotizes Behrad and other soldiers and orders them to kill Sara.

The other Legends show up to help Sara.

Rasputin hypnotizes Mick, Nate, and Mona and they attack the others.

Rasputin swallows Ray and he enlarges, killing Rasputin.

In order to stop Rasputin from reforming, they store him in different jars.

At the documentary's screening, the Legends tell them that it was all fake, as was Heyworld. 

Mick stole a decorative egg worth $50 million from Russia so that they can fund their missions.

Constantine goes back to hell.

Mick hands over writing the Rebecca Silver novels to Mona. She leaves the Waverider.

Behrad fixes Gideon. Gideon shows Nate a message from Zari for him to find her.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Ava: Ray! Who else saved the multiverse?
Ray: Oh uh well The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman...
Ava: Cool.
Nate: What? No Superman? Couldn't have been that big a deal.
Ray: Oh, no Superman was there. He's very handsome.

Ava: Big smiles everyone! And nobody mention Oliver Queen.
Mona: Why?
Ava: Because he died.
Nate: Shouldn't have done the crossover.