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In hell, Constantine confronts Astra about releasing the horrible souls. He returns to the Waverider.

The Legends decide to track down all the Encores and store them on their ship.

A time quake sends the Legends to 1947 Los Angeles.

Behrad and Nate visit Behrad's home in 2044 for his dad's birthday. They tell his family that Nate is Behrad's professor.

Nate meets Zari, who is now a social media influencer.

Sara, Constantine, and Ray figure out the Encore is Bugsy Siegel through information given to them by his girlfriend, Jeanie Hill. She had hired a PI to protect herself from Bugsy.

She can't leave Bugsy because he has compromising photos of her.

Sara lures Bugsy out of a club, where they are met by gangsters who try to kill him. It's no use as he is bulletproof. He has a special gun that turns them all to dust.

Constantine meets with Jeanie. She tells him she wants to take Bugsy down by destroying his blackmail stash.

Constantine makes a deal with her, if she can get him Bugsy's gun, he'll tell her where the stash is. They sleep together.

Sara lures Bugsy to the club.

Ava sings poorly at the club to drive everyone out.

Jeanie swaps Bugsy's gun for a normal one. Sara and Mick capture him.

Nate finds out Zari first became famous when she tamed a dragon at Heyworld. 

Constantine takes Jeanie to the blackmail. She pulls Bugsy's gun on him when he tries to burn it, she wants the power.

Ray joins a seemingly good cop in trying to take down Bugsy. A bunch of monsters show up and he reveals he wants to kill Jeanie and frame Ray for it.

Constantine gives Jeanie the photos and she gives him the gun.

Ray and Constantine try to warn Jeanie, but her car blows up with her in it before they can get to her.

Constantine takes Bugsy back to hell to tell Astra that he is not giving up on her.

He kills Bugsy.

Zari confronts Nate and Behrad about being at Heyworld in 2019. Behrad brings her to the Waverider before she can tell their parents.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Well on the bright side, at least the Encores aren't our fault this time!


Constantine: I need a drink.
Ava: No post mission debrief?
Sara: It's part of his process.