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Aleister Crowley tells Constantine that he gave the map to the Fountain of Imperium to a vampire banker -- Noelle. She comes to his place and gives him the map and a dangerous potion that Crowley brewed up.

Sara and Ava leave the ship to look for a wedding venue.

By using the map, Constantine figures out the Fountain was in Spain in 1939. He asks Spooner to translate the map, which leads them to Albacete, Spain.

In Albacete, they meet a man at a local bar named El Gato. They believe he has drunk from the Fountain. In the cellar of the bar, Constantine and Spooner find a mute teenager named Fernando who has alien powers.

Fascists arrive and kill El Gato. Fernando, his nephew, rushes upstairs and brings him back to life with his powers. The soldiers arrest everyone, including Spooner.

Gus, the baby alien, starts growing at a rapid pace. While the Legends are dealing with Gus, Mick deals with a headache and Lita goes into labor.

Constantine disguises himself as a priest from the Vatican. He arrives at the bar and tells the soldiers that he is looking fr the Fountain.

Zari 1.0, Behrad, and Mick use their powers to force Gus off of the ship and get Lita to the med bay. There, Lita confesses that she's not in labor, she just needed to get Mick to the med bay in case he was in labor.

Constantine pretends to perform a ceremony connecting Spooner and Fernando. She translates his story of how he found the Fountain and drank from it.

Spooner lies and tells the soldiers that Fernando doesn't know where the Fountain is.

A shoot-out breaks out. Spooner, Constantine, and Fernando get away.

Fernando lead them to the Fountain, but it's dried up. Constantine goes outside and sees soldiers looking for them. He goes back and lies to Spooner about the soldiers.

Spooner tries to transfer Fernando's powers to Constantine. In exchange, Constantine promises to help Fernando find his mother.

The powers return to the Fountain instead of going into Constantine.

The soldiers arrive. Spooner and Fernando hide. Constantine takes Crowley's potion and he kills the soldiers. He passes out.

Gideon deduces that Mick is not in labor. He has forty-eight eggs in his head.

Constantine promises Spooner that he won't drink the potion again. They return Fernando to his family.

Constantine and Spooner return to his mansion. He takes more of the potion. Spooner sees and threatens to tell Zari. Constantine uses his magic to erase her memory and force her to tell the Legends that he drank from the Fountain.

Noelle brings Constantine more of the potion. In return, he gives her Crowley.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Superhero, a totem bearer, and an alien named Gary become singing mannies. Did I just invent our spin-off?

Zari 1.0

Noelle: Clever.
Constantine: I'm John Constantine, love. Clever doesn't even begin to describe me.