Ava Has a Task - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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Bishop tells Sara that Kayla downloaded him from the cloud and printed him on the Waverider. He is the last generation of Bishop clones because his data was corrupted when Sara blew up his lab.

Sara locks Bishop in a cell on the ship. Sara has Spooner guard him.

Zari confronts Constantine about how he was the beast. They fight, he blames his behavior on the Fountain of Imperium, and she leaves.

Ava interrogates Bishop.

Bishop tells Ava that the eggs in Mick's head will kill him, but he can help him. He gives Ava the recipe for a concoction that will supply the eggs with the proper nutrients. They give it to Mick and he starts to feel better.

Zari asks Astra and Spooner for help with Constantine. Spooner has a hard time remembering her time in Spain with Constantine.

Astra uses a spell to bring back Spooner's memories. She tells Zari and Astra that Constantine didn't drink from the Fountain because he wasn't worthy. Instead, he took a sip of something that gave him powers.

Ava continues to interrogate Bishop. She lets him help her with wedding planning, but she gets overcome with emotion and leaves.

Gideon scans Bishop's genetic code. It comes back as one hundred percent human.

Mick goes into labor. He tells Gary that he'll be the godfather of his babies.

Zari goes to Constantine's mansion and swipes his dark potion. She brings it back to the Waverider. Astra identifies it as a Scarlett Lady -- very dark magic.

Constantine storms onto the Waverider. Zari makes him choose between the potion and her. He chooses her. He dumps the potion and tells Zari that that was the last of it.

Zari goes with Constantine to his mansion so she can be with him as he detoxes.

Ava figures out that Bishop's genetic code is six percent Sara Lance.

Bishop overrides the system with Sara's code and frees himself. Sara and Bishop fight. He hits Sara with a blaster and gets past her to get to Mick.

Sara heals.

Mick gives birth to his babies with Bishop's help.

Bishop volunteers to go back into his cell, but he stole Mick's comms.

Constantine and Zari exchange "I love you's" for the first time. She leaves to get him some tea.

Bishop uses Mick's comms to contact Constantine. He tells him that he can help him get his magic back. Before he can go into details, Constantine throws his comms away.

Constantine is visited by the beast, the dark version of Constantine. The beast beats him up and leaves him some of the Scarlett Lady.

Gary tells Sara and Ava that the concoction they gave to Mick induces labor. They figure out he took his comms.

Constantine takes more of the potion. He digs his comms out of the trash and contacts Bishop.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Constantine: You know, you're not even real. You're just a figment of my imagination, some damn junkie hallucination.
Dark Constantine: And without magic, you're just a pathetic ex-smoker in a trench coat who lies to the people he loves.

Spooner: That's Bishop?
Ava: Not at all what I was expecting.
Nate: For a psychotic supervillain, the guy's got a great look.
Astra: Yeah, they always do.