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Cricket's heartbreaking home life is revealed as we flash back between her mess of a life at Camp Stillwater, and the possible reason she chose to go back to camp as a counselor.

Writing "Cricket is a slut" on the wall of the boys' cabin wasn't just for fun, it's a symbol of her low self-esteem, which stems to the time when she was overweight. She lost all the weight after she caught her father cheating on her mother with the "pretty," skinny, blonde neighbor.

When she confronted her mother about the affair, her mother revealed she knew, and that "girls like them" had to put up with it, insinuating that they wouldn't be loved by anyone else because of their bodies.

In the present day, with Blotter gone, Cricket focuses all of her inner woman onto Alex, who could not be less interested. He still has his eyes on Amy, but she wants nothing to do with him after he laced Blotter's bottle with acid. Plus, she has a hint for Deputy Cabin Fire.

Cricket unknowingly becomes involved with the cult, who plans to sacrifice her to return the tall man, whose bones hey prep for the ritual. But instead of Cricket, they get Amy, who is left in the water after being struck by lightning.

Dead of Summer
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