Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Mix Tape

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Cricket's heartbreaking home life is revealed on Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 3.

As the counselors get a night off from their duties, we flash back to the darker times of Cricket's life and see the stem of her severe self-esteem issues.

Possible Romance - Dead of Summer

If you thought her writing "Cricket is a slut" on almost every single wall was normal, you're wrong. Just telling you now.

Months before heading to Camp Stillwater, Cricket was struggling with weight issues, and Amber Coney wore one of the worst "fat suits" I've ever seen.

Worse than Ashley Benson's on Pretty Little Liars. Hell, even worse than that disgusting, yellow top that every blonde was wearing in Rosewood on the night Alison went missing.


Her weight was one of her constant struggles, but surprisingly, not directly the root of her self-esteem issues.

No, that honor goes to her terrible parents, whose supportive facade faded in one terrible day for Cricket.

Imagine walking in on your father sleeping with the "pretty," skinny, blonde neighbor, who is the stereotypical definition of "perfect."

Worse than that, worse than any of her father's actions, was her mother telling her that women like them have to deal with that in their lives.

Her mother reduced their existence to allowing the man who "loves" them to do however he pleases as long as he stays with them and supports them. God forbid someone be comfortable and capable of supporting themselves.

So, Cricket lost all of the weight and continued her quest to get a man to have sex with her.

And worse than all of that is the terrible love pentagon between Cricket, Alex, Amy, Garrett, and Jessie. Please stop.

Alex proved himself to be an enormous tool, though he's still my favorite character. But come on, you have to see it.

Blotter liked Cricket, but with him gone (and possibly dead, but I'll get to that), she threw herself at Alex, who could not have been less interested.

Cricket even got involved with Damon, the leader of the Satanic cult that's invading Camp Stillwater, to make Alex jealous. Unknowingly, of course.

But the danger was there, and when he tried to kill her, Alex stepped up as her "hero." Yuck.

It was a risky, stupid move on her part, and it didn't work as well as putting on that bikini, but she got what she wanted. Alex wanted to have sex with her.

Just as he wants to do with Amy. I doubt any part of him truly cares for her, he just wants to deflower Camp Stillwater's innocent newbie, whom they know nothing about.

You don't want sex, you want a mixtape.


Luckily, Cricket stood up for herself and decided she wants a guy that'll make her a mix tape. But you're too late, girl, Blotter made you one, and he's probably dead because the boy you lusted after made him trip on acid.

The mysterious hand at the bottom of the lake looked to be his, but it could be an act. What did he see? Or who did he see? More spirits? The cult prepared for him? Will we ever find out, or will they jut uncover his body?

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Satanic cult also tried to kill Cricket a second time, but they failed again. Instead, they possibly killed Amy, after they lured her into the lake and she was struck by lightning.

Was it a ritual to bring back the tall man? Will it work? Assuming it was to use her life force to restore his own, it's probable, but it's not probable that Amy is dead. She's the main, main character, after all, right?

The direction the show is taking is exciting, yet risky. One wrong move with this cult story and they could blow it to bits, but the flashbacks have truly been one of the most interesting parts of the show, so far. Take that, Arrow. This is how you do flashbacks.

What I, personally, am most scared/nervous about is the blossoming relationship between Blair and Drew.

I'm afraid for the possible story that they're going to advance with where Blair ignorantly freaks out that Drew is transgender and questions what this means for his sexuality if he's with a guy that still has a feminine body.

That's not really something I want to watch, but it's realistic, I guess? What would be more shocking is if Blair is accepting from the start. Don't disappoint us.

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Mix Tape Review

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