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As Garrett begins to uncover the truth about his father's death, he flashes back to the last summer they spent together.

Being forced to go to Camp Stillwater after bashing the principal's car window with a baseball bat, Garrett's anger and knack for getting even begins to bite him in the ass as his father starts his investigation into whatever Stillwater is hiding.

Garrett begins a friendship with Jessie, "Braces," and the two don't exactly hit it off. Garrett is angry; he thinks the world owes him something and he has to get even after everything.

Unfortunately for Jack Sykes, he confided in the wrong person, which is exactly the same mistake Garrett began to make.

In the present, to trap Damon and his crew in the act, Garrett and Boyd (the Sheriff) use Amy as bait to lure them into the open, but their plan goes awry and Amy is kidnapped.

The ritual begins, but there wasn't another death, at least that's how it seemed. But Garrett was distracted by his old friend Damon and Amy, as she cried for help in a hidden cave, and the ritual ended with all of cult followers killing themselves.

Dead of Summer
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