Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Townie

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Who didn't suspect the Sheriff to be the Teacher?

My fellow TV Fanatic Yana Grebenyuk predicted almost exactly what happened on the Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Round Table

Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 7 followed Garrett, present and past. His first summer at Camp Stillwater, which happened to be the final summer his father was alive, and his investigation into whatever ritual the Satanists were preparing.

I mean, I didn't expect them to kill themselves, but I should've. They're a crazy cult, they cut someone's tongue out. WHILE THAT PERSON WAS ALIVE.

Drew: If Damon and his crew show up, I came prepared.
Blair: A knife? Really?

Garrett played right into the trap, though. The Teacher was willing to make the sacrifice as the fourth point of the map, and not all of the Satanists are dead either.

There's one more and, however unlikely, I hope it's one of the counselors.

Holyoke isn't behind this; it's people copying Holyoke.


The ritual was ruined; the demon almost had Amy, like it literally had her leg in its grip. One thing that's suspicious is where's Holyoke?

Could it be that this man was innocent all along and was just trying to stop the demon from being awaken? Could the flashback scene where he was dragged out and killed have been because he opposed the ritual to begin with?

He called for Amy's death, but maybe it wasn't because her death would bring about the demon. Maybe it was so she couldn't be used as the vessel for the demonic ritual.

We thought he was the villain all along, and in some ways Holyoke still is, but his goal seems really to be to protect Camp Stillwater.

But, how would this explain his possession of Joel's brother Michael? Holyoke wanted Joel to kill Amy, so was he using Michael for a similar purpose?

Garrett flashed back to his father visiting Michael about his visions and he went on about a cave; the same cave that Amy was almost killed in.

Was Michael being used to warn the camp before the Teacher and his crew began, or was he the vessel? Not likely. Amy couldn't remember her time under possession, yet Michael remembered enough to talk about the visions and commit suicide to stop them.

This story is supposed to be wrapped up in the next three episodes, but there's still so much we don't know. Why was Amy chosen as the vessel? Who is Holyoke and what is his intention compared to the Satanists?

Meanwhile, it's nice to see a softer side of Jessie. She's starting to actually become a bearable character, though it's a shame that she waited until the last few episodes to do so. She was insufferable in the first few.

Now that her jealousy has toned down over Amy and Garrett, she's beginning to help in the quest to end the high-stakes spirit world adventure.

But, as for the rest of the counselors, the only one that's made any growth is Blair. Sadly, that came from Cricket's death.

Drew and Blair are finally exploring their connection, regardless of Drew being transgender, something Blair earlier had trouble grappling with. Hopefully this shows a softer side of Drew, while promoting a more defensive side of Blair.

Alex is kind of boring, but he's still my favorite. I pray he steps up for the last episodes. Joel is still sad and has to keep thinking about his big brother's death which has to be hard on him, but Holyoke hasn't invaded his mind again, so the glass is half-full right? 

I heard your call and I am ready.


With the end of summer approaching, what's next for the campers? Can they stop the horrifying demon in the lake and the last remaining Satanist(s)?

Can Garrett forgive himself for murdering Boyd, regardless of what Boyd had done? Will Amy, or the other counselors, survive the summer?

You can watch Dead of Summer online right here at TV Fanatic and don't miss Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 8 August 16 at 9/8c on Freeform!

Townie Review

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