A Strange Rainstorm - Debris
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It's pouring rain outside when a woman gets to work. Her name is Sofia. She can't find the seed-reorder logs. Her boss says she needs pancakes to stimulate the juices. She plunges back into the rain.

When she leaves, the wood-burning stove suddenly goes out, and the man begins to cough. Several others outside are suffering the same fate, which he thinks is odd. When he gets outside, he walks into the cornfield. The corn is blossoming before his very eyes. Into the stocks he goes, seeing little beads on all of the cornstalks.

He emerges on the other side to find it sunny. But once there, he cannot breathe, ultimately dying right there.

Bryan and Finola are on the road. Bryan enters the car with his circa '70s Elvis sunglasses. Finola is shocked. He came out of the store with Vegas glasses and a slushie but no water for her.

They're on their way to the debris, over which is a rain cloud like the one that follows Ziggy around. It's a Class 3.

They head straight to John, the Medical Examiner. He's noticed that the linings of the lungs have reacted to what they were breathing. As if the debris is changing the very air that they breathe.

That diagnosis calls for some special suits that have Finola and Bryan looking like they're ready to walk on Mars. Into the cornstalks they go.

Finola notices blue flowers on the stalks. Bryan notices the light is different here. Finola plucks one of the flowers, and then they check the buildings.

Inside are a bunch of frightened people who know that something is wrong with the rain. They all woke up in the morning finding it hard to breathe. They all feel OK now. Arturo is missing in the rain. Cars wouldn't start, either. Everyone who left died outside.

They come up with a plan to get started, and Bryan searches the field for debris.

There it is, pulling the sky itself and manipulating it. Bryan finds Arturo. He's fine while those around him, not so much.

Bryan returns Arturo to his family.

Maddox is working with Ario. They're playing toss. Every time he loses, Maddox does pushups as penance. The phone rings. An unknown caller. His wife wonders who it was. Oh, it was his wife's phone, not his, and she's not pleased that he answered it.

The incident throws him, but he returns to playing ball.

A man arrives looking for his family. Ephraim. He was on the road, but his family is inside. Sofia and the children belong to his brother, who passed away a year ago. Seeing the space suit scares him.

Toxicology on the bodies shows their oxygen deficiency. The plants are creating chlorine instead of oxygen. It's terraforming the planet, and worse, the storm is growing.

Finola asks Ephraim for a blood sample. He's a little skittish about it, but it will help Finola to figure out what's going on in there.

Ephraim thinks he's being punished by God. He used to laugh at his brother because he was such a family man. He married young. His life was so much harder as a result, but once Arturo started calling Ephraim papi, he saw what family brought to his brother.

Still, he had moments when he wished he didn't have the responsibility, but he sees things differently now and wonders if he's being punished for what he thought.

Bryan gives Arturo the King's glasses declaring him the ruler of the entire farm. Finola takes his blood.

A guy named Beck arrives. Bryan doesn't seem excited to see him, and Finola is wary of the man she never met. He's got orders to turn off the debris. Finola and discuss the fallout of that, with Bryan admitting they won't be able to win them all.

A woman reveals to Finola that what's happening to those people isn't in their wheelhouse to stop, let alone reverse. It will be decades before they advance that far.

Beck asks Bryan whether he still thinks of Julian. He's bringing it up because people used to say that about Jules, and that's what got him killed. Bryan says he went out a hero, but Beck says it wasn't that simple since he had to tell his wife. He's worried that Finola will bring him down.

Finola reaches. What about debris piece 489? It's never been used on a human in testing. Even if it's not tested, at least these people would have a chance. Still, April worries about it.

Debris piece 489 places people in suspended animation. She thinks they can place them into suspension until they figure out how to fix them. She's adamant. She doesn't care about time. They'll have it and will have time to come up with a solution. He thinks there's no way they'll authorize that, but she already had it approved by Maddox. It's on the way.

Bryan tries to alter the way Finola thinks about the situation. They're to be a blip in their lives, not a memory. She changes course, allowing Ephraim to suffer without news of his family. Bryan tells her she's doing the right thing.

In the middle of the operation, Finola's boss calls. She has something important to tell Finola. They have intelligence reports that he may still be alive and could be held captive by Influx.

The Americans have known for some time, and that includes Bryan. Finola is thrown. She receives photos of her father. Now she's told that she cannot betray her knowledge of that information, pitting Finola and Bryan even more against each other.

Now, she's using the advice that Bryan gave her against him. In doing that, she decides to reveal to Ephraim what's going on. His family won't get older or experience the passage of time. They'll have no idea what hit them. He wonders why she's telling him. So that he can make up his own mind what to do with the information. His decision is to join his family.

He doesn't share the same information he has learned with his family, though, sparing them the gory details. They begin the countdown and put the victims into animation just moments before they turn off the atmospheric debris. Bryan peruses the people after they're suspended, wondering if it worked. Readings show that they're all alive.

He gets to Ephraim and his family. He must know that things with Finola are going to be a little different going forward.

Outside, the sky is clearing.

Bryan asks Finola why she did it. Because it was right, she says, and she's not sure he'll ever understand.

Finola leaves Bryan there to continue cleanup. She'll get started with the reports.



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Debris Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Finola: It's creating a whole chlorine-based ecology.
Bryan: You're suggesting that the debris is terraforming the planet here?
Finola: The debris changed the atmosphere, but something in the atmosphere changed the workers into chlorine-breathing organisms.

There's a theory that life forms that engage in chlorine-based respiration could exist on other planets.