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Luna is in surgery. Joseph is standing vigil.

Bill sends him to security detail and tells Jerry to take care of the press. He's got his hands full.

Bill gives his deputies a speech.

Cade wants to get the son of a bitch and the two head out to get something done.

Charlie asks Joseph to walk her through the scene now that the adrenaline has washed off. She's unhappy with Joseph's answer and says Luna is in there because Joseph wasn't present with Luna at the store and calls it an excuse. Harsh.

A man is showing aggression toward our deputies. Let's make sure we give him grade A service. Bill's deputies aren't heeding his advice but doing what they believe he would have done.

Bill gets it, though. But he'd hate to see all of their hard work tossed out in court because of their actions.

Bill sends Brianna to speak on behalf of the department and for him.

Paula says Luna suffered a lot of internal damage. Even worse, his spinal cord is severed. He'll never walk again.

Cade wants good news, but Bill has none to give him.

All of the cameras at the crime scene were fake. That's hardly helpful.

There is still blood all over the floor when Bill and Cade visit the scene. Bill listens to Joseph's call that caught the shooting. He hears the bell over the door. The guy didn't run. He waited for a few seconds and slowly walked through the door.

If he wasn't trying to get away, he could live close by.

The community responds with "what goes around comes around" and where were they when their relatives got shot?

When Cade knocks on a door, and a woman says her son is napping. I'm going to have to bet the bad guy is her son.

Joseph remembers something about his day with Luna. A white gangster on one of their stops that day included a white gangster making gun fingers at Luna, a lesson Luna said he'd give to Joeseph later.

Cade wonders if it was payback for their latest kill.

Ballistics reveals a match, and Bill heads to pay the guy a visit. The guy, though, is in jail.

Bill wonders if the baddie put a green light on his deputy. Bill threatens baddie with the use of his deputies who run the jail.

Marquise Slaughter with the Rolling Sixties is the name Bill gets. No bells are rung with the name.

Bill heads to see the mayor, which surprises Brianna.

When Jerry speaks at a press conference using the term "on behalf of the acting sheriff," Brianna gets pissed. Bill calls him out on having another press conference and saying they have a suspect when they don't.

The rubber meets the road. Bill thought he could trust Jerry, but he cannot. When this is all over, they're stepping outside to get on the same page.

Jerry calls a meeting with people to see how they're going to handle Bill Hollister.

Luna is a code blue. Paula races into surgery.

Marquis is a no-go.

The "mayor" isn't who Brianna expected. It's a barber named Curtis who has his ear to the ground. Bill gives him Marquis' name.

Joesph and Charlie are out investigating the finger gun guy. They find his car, and the chick roughs up his car to get him to emerge. he runs, and Joseph pursues on foot.

The dude is Luna's informant. He's worried about him.

Bill, Cade, and Brianna shake down a tattoo parlor.

Charlie and Joseph get to Luna's room. It's empty. Luna died. Charlie needs to see him and asks Paula to go with her.

Charlie says she loves him so much, but he gets to be with his family now.

Charlie freaks out when she realizes she's lost the necklace Luna gave her.

The team gets a roll call for Luna. That never fails to pierce my heart.

Marquis sold the gun. He has no idea who he sold it to. The guy is Angelino Heights. He paints on things in the yard. It's the house with the napping dude.

Bill has to work with another agency. The mother comes out all upset. She has empty lithium bottles in her hands. She couldn't pay for her son's pills. She didn't know!

Unfortunately, it costs under $20 bucks for 90 days worth of lithium, so this was the wrong fight to have especially since with an online coupon you can get it for $6.

Donald was looking for Bill who he calls dad. He was looking for his dad who never loved him.

He wanted to die by suicide by police because he hates himself more than even his dad.

Bill takes Douglas out of the house unharmed.

Joseph finds Charlie's necklace. Off duty, never off the clock. He hopes it helps her find peace. He apologizes for her loss, and she hugs him.

Bill realizes he's changing. A few weeks ago, he would have wanted revenge.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Vengeance is normal. Somebody hurts a member of your family, you can't help but want revenge. Nobody is a bigger part of this family than Deputy Gabriel Luna. That makes us all angry, doesn't it? We took an oath to channel that emotion, to control it even when it's damned near impossible. We took an oath to put our lives on the line for millions of people that we don't even know. That's the job. That's how Luna does his. With honor and decency. So the best thing that we can do right now is follow in his footsteps until he gets back to his family again. Thank you.


Brianna: Well, at least he's delegating.
Jerry: You're the gatekeeper, Bishop. Be careful that gate doesn't come unhinged.