Not Telling The Whole Truth - Dynasty
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Chaos and panic ensue in the Carrington household after the family realizes baby Matthew has been kidnapped. 

Alexis comes clean about where the baby came from which worries everyone because Claudia Blaisdel is crazy. 

Blake tells the FBI that the baby belonged to his son Hank so that the agents will put forth an effort into finding the child. 

Despite Fallon telling her father to let the feds handle it, Blake goes rogue after a trip to Claudia's apartment leads them nowhere. 

He appeals to the masses on TV by offering up a 100-thousand-dollar reward. 

They eventually get a tip from a motel where Claudia is, in fact, staying. 

The FBI locates her on the roof with baby Matthew. 

As the family tries to talk her off the ledge, Claudia calls them all liars. 

As Sammy tries to get closer, she panics and the baby flies out of her hands and plunges to the ground. 

Thankfully, the baby was actually a doll which Claudia, in her delusional state, assumed was her real baby. 

The real baby, as Kirby swiftly figured out, was with the recently-fired nanny, Manny. 

She tries to stall him long enough to get the baby, but Manny puts a knife to her throat. 

He admits that after Sammy put his "needs" of not giving into temptation ahead of what was best for baby Matthew, he kidnapped him because he'd be a better father. 

The two start fighting, and Anders runs into the apartment just as Kirby smashes a vase over Manny's head. 

The whole family arrives at home in time for Christmas Eve. 

Well, everyone, except for Culhane who started his "job" aka continuing his work for Ada. 

Though Fallon is oblivious, Colby realizes Culhane is still in the game when Monica tells him the bombs that erupted in her club were bought by Culhane's alias, Mike Jones. 

Culhane's next gig for Ada is delivering a truck full of antiques. Seems innocent enough, however, when Culhane realizes the buyer is Van Kirk Industries, he realizes Ada set them both up. 

He breaks one of the antiques revealing heroine. 

The buyer freaks out right as Colby arrives because he'd been tracking Culhane's phone. 

A shoot-out ensues as the cops close in on the deal. As Culhane and Colby try to escape, Colby gets hit in the chest. 

On the ride to the hospital, Ada calls Culhane admitting that he was "collateral damage" and tells him the FBI was tipped off to his getaway car. 

Colby begins losing consciousness in the passenger seat and as Culhane panics, he drives head-on into a semi-truck. 

He emerges unscathed, but the same cannot be said for Colby.

As the car burns, he calls Blake begging for help. 

Meanwhile, at the manor, Sammy announces that despite wanting to be a father to baby Matthew, he has decided to return him to his rightful family. 

During a moment alone with the child, he reveals that while the manor would provide the best luxuries, the Carringtons would never get over who his parents were and the damage they'd done. 

As for Claudia, Alexis convinces her that Hank was just a hallucination so she doesn't reveal her secret while Blake gets her arrested after she admitted to killing Cristal. 

His goal is to make her suffer the same way he did by taking away the one thing she loves -- her baby. 

Anders interrupts the holiday schmooze-fest with some devastating news: Steven, who was on his way home from Paraguay, never got off the plane. 

He's missing. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Cristal: I'm sorry. Why wouldn't they look for a woman who tried to kill all of you last Thanksgiving?
Fallon: Oh, daddy didn't tell you? He didn't report it to the cops. Instead, he paid to lock her up in a loony bin. Don't worry, they had crafts.

Send a card signed, "Ho, ho, ho." I'll know it's you.

Cristal to Alexis